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Songs in the Key of MY Life

Nicole Flores
Keywords: literacy, lyrics, Morning Meeting, Music, Playlists, Socio-emotional Learning, The Brain


A Voice of My Own: Defining Epistemic Injustice in The House on Mango Street

Keeler Park
Keywords: book study, collaborative reading, Creative Writing, Culture, ethnicity, gender, igno-rance, immigrant experience, injustice, knowledge, lan-guage arts, literacy, philosophy, social class, social justice, society, The House on Mango Street, women empowerment, writing project


Liberated Through Literacy: The African American Pursuit of Equity in Education

Charlette Walker
Keywords: anti-literacy laws, Black educators, Black history, courage, education, ELA, literacy, neo-slavery, Reading, resilience, Slavery, systemic racism


The Art of Literature: Visual Stimuli that Constructs Communication

Silvino J. Alexander Jr.
Keywords: "Third Space" Paradigm, Art, comic books, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP), History, literacy, poetry, THAL (Technology


Natural Resources are Natural Wonders

Valerie A. Adams
Keywords: Art, asian art and culture, geometry, literacy, Math, origami


From Civil Rights to #BlackLivesMatter: The Music Is the Movement

Amanda Schear
Keywords: African American History, African American literature, Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights Movement, Compare and contrast, Informational text, literacy, Music, Protest movements, Protest music, Social change, social justice


What a Waste!

Tiffany Moyer
Keywords: literacy, litter, Math, recycling, Science, social studies, trash, waste

“Mystery and Detective Literature Activities” “That’s Elementary, My Dear Watson”

Karen J. Burrell
Keywords: literacy, literature activities, literature genres, problem solving

A Brave New World?

Nicole Flores
Keywords: literacy, literacy skills, Parable of the Sower, Reading, science fiction, The Giver


You’re OK, I’m OK, It’s Good We Are Different

Elters, Pamela
Keywords: differences, literacy, similarities, tolerance

The Cherokee Tribe and Their Trail of Tears

Tiffany Moyer
Keywords: Cherokee, fractions, Geography, History, literacy, mixed numbers, Native American, Trail of Tears

Bearing Witness through Narration

Karen J. Burrell
Keywords: Holocaust, literacy, Literature, narration, stories, writing

Getting Stuck in the Telling: The Dichotomous Nature of Urgent Tales Analyzing and Crafting Accounts that Bear Witness

Julie Mikolajewski
Keywords: consumption approach, History, Holocaust, literacy, Literature, storytelling


50 Years and Beyond:Philadelphia after the Emancipation Proclamation

Terry Anne Wildman
Keywords: English, History, language arts, literacy, Pennsylvania History, social studies

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, But How Many Pictures is a Word Worth?

Femi-Ama K. Johnson
Keywords: English, language arts, literacy, writing

Enhancing Beginning Reading Skills Through Poetry

Pamela Elters
Keywords: literacy, poetry, reading skills, Shel Silverstein


Do You Know My Struggle? A Writing Unit Designed to Explore the Voices of Middle School Students

Michelle Todd
Keywords: external conflicts, internal conflicts, literacy, short stories


Super Books! Using Comics and Graphic Novels to Enhance Literacy Instruction

Erin Bloom
Keywords: comic books, graphic novels, literacy

Playing with Poetry

Rachel Gelb
Keywords: early literacy, literacy, poetry, Reading

Extending Eric Carle into Mathematics

Allison Wudarski
Keywords: Eric Carle, literacy, Math, Media