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Exceptional Women: We See You!

Karen Brinkley
Keywords: Achievement Gap, Black joy, culturally, culturally relevant, diversity, Literature, socially transformative curation


Police Free City: Writing Emancipatory Visionary Fiction

Charlie McGeehan
Keywords: Black Lives Matter, dark fantastic cycle, fantasy, fiction, Literature, Reading, science fiction, social studies, the Hunger Games, writing

Of Farms and Factories: Assessing the American Labor Movement through Of Mice and Men

Keeler Park
Keywords: collaborative discussion, ESOL, Literature, Of Mice and Men


Poets Imagining the City

Sally O’Brien
Keywords: imagination, Literature, O'hara, poetry, Whitman, writing prompts


Jazz as Black History: Teaching African American History Through Musicology

Matthew Menschner
Keywords: African American History, American History, Bebop, Grades 9-12, Jazz, Jazz History, Jazz Studies, Literature, Music History, Music Studies, Musicology, Swing Music, The Harlem Renaissance, The Jazz Age, World War II

Be the Hero of Your Journey

Terry Anne Wildman
Keywords: Creative Writing, History, Literature


Are They REALLY That Different?

Nicole Flores
Keywords: Compare, elementary, English, Fifth-Grade, Literature, poetry, social studies


(re)viewing bodies: The Walking Dead and Social Constructions in a Post-Apocalyptic Society

Tara Ann Carter
Keywords: “The Comet”, African American History, language arts, Literature, Reading, Social Construction, The Walking Dead, W.E.B. Du Bois, writing

An Alien in the Cotton Fields: 47 by Walter Mosley

Joan Taylor
Keywords: cotton fields, Literature, Slavery, social realism, Walter Mosley


Using Lessons Learned Through a Study of the Holocaust to Teach Children to Become Upstanders

Joyce Arnosky
Keywords: bystander, elementary, English, Holocaust, Literature, upstander

Bearing Witness: Understanding Holocaust Testimony Within Urban High School Students’ Lives

Lynn Gourinski Fahr
Keywords: bystander, elementary, English, Holocaust, Literature, upstander

Consider, is this a Man? Retaining Humanity in the Face of Dehumanizing Narratives

Benjamin Hover
Keywords: bearing witness, Common Core Standards, Concentration Camps, Death Fugue, Holocaust Literature, Holocaust Music, Literature, Middle Years Literacy, Resistance to Nazis, survivor testimony

One Story, Innumerable Losses: Themes in Genocide

Brynn Allison McGinn
Keywords: close reading, genocide, History, Holocaust, Literature, Rwanda, witness testimonies, writing

Bearing Witness through Narration

Karen J. Burrell
Keywords: Holocaust, literacy, Literature, narration, stories, writing

Getting Stuck in the Telling: The Dichotomous Nature of Urgent Tales Analyzing and Crafting Accounts that Bear Witness

Julie Mikolajewski
Keywords: consumption approach, History, Holocaust, literacy, Literature, storytelling


Want to be a Better Reader? Then Read!

Jessica Ramos
Keywords: Book logs, English, graphing, Increased reading ability, Literature, Middle, Probability / Statistics

Integrating Poetry into the Common Core Standards

Nicole Flores
Keywords: figurative language, literary skills, Literature, poetry


“I Even Encountered Myself”: Exploring Identity Development in Literature During the Middle School Years

Erin Bloom
Keywords: Identity, Literature, short stories


Connections to Literature

Nicole Flores
Keywords: African American literature, comprehension, Literature

Reading for a Better World: Voices from the Holocaust in Young Adult Literature

Stacia Parker
Keywords: Holocaust, Literature, prejudice, racism, stereotypes