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Using Lessons Learned Through a Study of the Holocaust to Teach Children to Become Upstanders

Joyce Arnosky
Keywords: bystander, elementary, English, Holocaust, Literature, upstander

Bearing Witness: Understanding Holocaust Testimony Within Urban High School Students’ Lives

Lynn Gourinski Fahr
Keywords: bystander, elementary, English, Holocaust, Literature, upstander

Students are Survivors Too: Bearing Witness to the Stories of Our Lives Through Holocaust Survivor Testimony

Eilis Hood
Keywords: European history, Holocaust, witness testimony, writing

One Story, Innumerable Losses: Themes in Genocide

Brynn Allison McGinn
Keywords: close reading, genocide, History, Holocaust, Literature, Rwanda, witness testimonies, writing

Bearing Witness through Narration

Karen J. Burrell
Keywords: Holocaust, literacy, Literature, narration, stories, writing

We All Have A Story to Tell…

Nicole Flores
Keywords: fiction, Holocaust, journals, nonfiction, religion, religious beliefs, writing

Getting Stuck in the Telling: The Dichotomous Nature of Urgent Tales Analyzing and Crafting Accounts that Bear Witness

Julie Mikolajewski
Keywords: consumption approach, History, Holocaust, literacy, Literature, storytelling

Teaching the Holocaust in Kindergarten Classrooms

Krista Spera
Keywords: 20th century, discrimination, Holocaust, Holocaust education, kindergarten

Heart to Heart: Adolescents Connect to Holocaust Survivors

Joan Taylor
Keywords: History, Holocaust, survivors, video transcripts


Reading for a Better World: Voices from the Holocaust in Young Adult Literature

Stacia Parker
Keywords: Holocaust, Literature, prejudice, racism, stereotypes