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Discovering Our Community Assets

Sarah C. Beverly
Keywords: assets, community, English Language Arts, Philadelphia, service learning, social studies

The Renewable School

Rachel Odoroff
Keywords: energy sources, energy, renewable energy

Power and the Past: A Philosophical Approach to Historiography

Matthew Menschner
Keywords: historiography, Epistemology, Historical Thinking Skills, History, philosophy, social studies

All Voices Heard–Supporting the Multicultural Classroom

Carrie Ochs Toledo
Keywords: diversity, 5th grade, democratic classroom, Els, ELA, epistemic injustice, multicultural, storytelling

Never Sing the Same Way Twice: Encouraging Student Voice with Umm Kulthum

Benjamin Perkins
Keywords: Africa, business, Egypt, Harmony, improvisation, Keyboard, Drum, Music, Melody, Performance, Piano, poetry, rhythm, Technology, Umm Kulthum, voice

Listening to Learn: Learning to Listen Lessons from the Griot Families of Mali

Rebecca Horner
Keywords: Africa, Color Vowel Approach, Els, Elementary Education, ESL, ESOL, griot, home-language, language learning, documentary, Mali, Music, drumming

Using Transfer as a Schema to Learn about Energy: A Modular Approach

Matthew N VanKouwenberg
Keywords: Constructivist, Energy Transfer, Electromagnetic Spectrum, electricity, Environmental Science, Eolic, Experiment, global warming, High School, Generator, Lab, Mechanical Energy, Magnetism, Middle School, Motor, PhotoVoltaics, Physical Science, physics, Thermodynamics, student-centered, wind energy

Careers in Cancer

Catherine Michini
Keywords: chemotherapy infusion dosing, biomanufacturing, Body surface area, cancer, CAR T cells, career investigation, Careers, immunology, oncology, pharmacy, nursing, two-way tables.


The Dis-Connection of Our Roots

Stephanie M. Robinson
Keywords: African American History, Slavery, roots

From “We Shall Overcome” to “Black Lives Matter”: Learning from the Present, Building on the Past

Geoffrey Winikur
Keywords: Black Art, Black Lives Matter, civil rights, collaborative learning, dialogic teaching, culturally responsive teaching, feminist pedagogy, inquiry-based learning

Of Farms and Factories: Assessing the American Labor Movement through Of Mice and Men

Keeler Park
Keywords: collaborative discussion, ESOL, Literature, Of Mice and Men

Teaching African American Culture Through Cinema

Chanelle Harley
Keywords: African American culture, American History, cinema, community, film, History

Civil Rights Movement vs. Black Lives Matter: Young People at the Helm of the Movement

Tasha Russell
Keywords: African American History month, Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights Movement, injustice

How Can We Expect Them to Stand Up in a Crooked Room?

Regina Hastings
Keywords: cinema, communications, film, Pop culture, Media, Reading, Sociology, writing

The Ongoing Black Freedom Struggle: Expanding the Single Story of the Civil Rights Movement

Pearl Jonas
Keywords: American History, Civil Rights Movement, film, History

Still Segregated in 2020: A Study of Equity in Philadelphia Area Schools through Film Study and Creation

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: cinema, civics, Civil Rights Movement, communications, Government, freedom, History, Media, Philadelphia, Politics

Film as a Medium for Teaching the Supporting Characters of the Civil Rights Movement

Frances M. Wilkins
Keywords: Civil Rights Movement, English language learners, film

Lasting Effects of Slavery

Victor M. Pomales Jr.
Keywords: African American History, film, social studies, Slavery

Visualizing Word Problems: A Path to a Solution

Rachel Odoroff
Keywords: algebra, function, Math

African American Hair, Freedom, and Civil Rights: Using Film, Media, and African American Hair Styles to Analyze Civil Rights

Aisha Al-Muid
Keywords: African American, civil rights, cinema, film, Hair, freedom, Media