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Critical Thinkers Are World Changers

Charlette Walker
Keywords: social justice, philosophy, ethics, Analyzing arguments, Critical thinking, Personal Identity, Morality, ELA activity, philosophical chairs, ethical responsibility, character development, empowerment

Gearing Up for Prosthetics

Vicki Baker
Keywords: movement, mathematics, algebra, linear equations, medical robotics, word problems, engineering design, prosthetic

Humans, Robots & Machines: Simplifying The Lives of Our Community

Kelli Gallagher
Keywords: Science, STEM, Robots, Healthcare, Machines, Mechanics, rube goldberg, simple machines


Investigating Religious and Cultural Spending Trends

Catherine Michini
Keywords: social studies, World religions, Social and cross-cultural skills, Culture, cross

Mindfulness Mondays: Bite Size Strategies to Transform Your Classroom

Samuel A. Reed
Keywords: Personal Growth, Journalism, Creative Writing

Be the Hero of Your Journey

Terry Anne Wildman
Keywords: Literature, History, Creative Writing

Music and Math: Combining Forms and Formulas

Vicki Baker
Keywords: Music History, Music, Math

The Music of New Orleans and How It Shaped Its Culture

Chanelle Harley
Keywords: social studies, writing, History, Reading

Math is Music to My Ears

Caron D. Forman
Keywords: Music, Math

Minerals in Society

Cristobal Carambo
Keywords: rock cycle, Chemistry, geology

Volcano Folklore vs. Reality

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: Chemistry, geology, volcano, earth sciences

Music as Activism: Warrior’s Don’t Cry and Protest in the Civil Rights Movement

Renae Curless
Keywords: African American History, Civil Rights Movement, African American literature, Music, poetry, racism, little rock, melba patillo beals, segregation, integration

Life on Spinning Rocks

Maya Bhagat
Keywords: Earth Science, astronomy, geology, planets, alien

Creating Life!

Nicole Flores
Keywords: Earth Science, Science, astronomy, Space Science

The Truth Is Out There: Finding Exoplanets

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: Math, Science, Physical Science, Space Science

Models on Earth and Space

Amatise Ponzo
Keywords: Earth Science, Space Science, Reading, listening


Kimberly Sweeney
Keywords: Science, weathering, erosion

Probability and the Observable Universe

Bridget Mason
Keywords: astronomy, probability, permutation, combination, sample space, multiplication, counting principle, mutually exclusive events, overlapping events, independent events, dependent events, compound probability, experimental Probability, Theoretical probability, habitable planets, habitable zone

Taking Teenagers From Aaaaah! To *Om* to Action! Using Contemplative Practices from World Religions to Teach Stress Management and Promote Well-Being

Meg H. Flisek
Keywords: World religions, Meditation, Stress relief, Productivity and accountability, Social and cross-cultural skills, Flexibility and adaptability, Initiative and self-direction, Global awareness, Health literacy

How Does One Achieve the Good Life?

Colleen Lawson-Thornton
Keywords: Meditation, philosophy, Eastern philosophy, Eastern religion, contemplative practices, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, Tao Te Ching, Tao of Pooh, walking meditation, yoga, tai chi, Good Life, happiness, zine, close reading, collaborative learning, Cornell notes, discussion board, experiential learning