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Environmental Justice in Philadelphia

Deborah Wei
Keywords: environmental justice, Environmental Racism, community organizing, Philadelphia refineries, stakeholders, power analysis, racism

Natural Tendencies

Maya Bhagat
Keywords: Philadelphia, Lenape, Place-based, sustainability

Climate Justice and Jurassic Park

Renae Curless
Keywords: ELA, English, environmentalism, climate change, climate justice, Michael Crichton, High School, Jurassic Park, science fiction

Where Does All the Water Go?

John Daniel Hartzog
Keywords: global warming, Green Infrastructure, water cycle, Urban Landscape, sustainability

Sustainability is the Name of the Game!

Alima McKnight
Keywords: elementary, engagement, climate change, digital native, motivation, game based theory, gamification, solution, sustainability, pollution

Building an Environmentally Equitable Community One School at Time

Tia Graves
Keywords: environmental justice, Environmental Racism, Equity, Climate Justice/Racism, Mitigation, green stormwater infrastructure, Urban Heat Island Adaptation, Sea Level Rise, resilience

The Power of Sustainability: Growing Climate Problem Solvers

Anna Herman
Keywords: Wicked Problem, food security, food waste, climate change, climate optimism, food systems, urban foodshed, urban agriculture, sustainability


Evaluate the Power of a “Heart on Fire”

Theresa Eck
Keywords: dominant narrative, challenging dominant narratives, nation state, HIPP, analyzing historical evidence, APUSH, progressivism, Reconstruction

Brain Games

Audrey Golub
Keywords: Critical thinking, Cryptograms, Four Color Theorem, games, justify, Standards of Mathematical Practice, Battleships, reasoning, puzzles

Modular Arithmetic for Developing Fact Fluency

Tessa Murphy Nitkin
Keywords: elementary, fact fluency, clock arithmetic, mathematics, modular arithmetic, intervention, addition

Using Mathematical Representations to Provide Student Choice and Enrichment

Kara Yanochko
Keywords: enrichment, extension, flexibility, choice boards, mathematics, menus, choice, centers, student choice, rotations, reasoning

Indigenous Voices: Crossroads between Monuments and Trees

Lisa Yuk Kuen Yau
Keywords: Crazy Horse, Penn Treaty Tree, Little Bighorn Battlefield., Monuments, Mount Rushmore, indigenous people

Who Tells Your Story? The Power of Debate and Discourse in the High School Classroom

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: Christopher Columbus, debate, Monument, Philadelphia Museum of Art, High School, Mural, Rocky

Blood Money – The Making of Philadelphia’s Heroes

Deborah Wei

Old City Philadelphia

Mary Patricia Lavin

Latin Asians: Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration in Latin America

Alisha Davis
Keywords: ethnicity, Culture, panethnicity, Latino, High School, Identity, social studies education, race, project based learning

Engaging Philadelphia’s Ward System: How democratic is our system?

Charlie McGeehan
Keywords: civics, democracy, local politics, Government, Inquiry, interview, authentic assessment

Considering Cultural Communities in the Middle School Literacy Classroom

Emma Connolly
Keywords: ethnicity, comprehension instruction, Culture, discussion, Middle School, graphic novels, Identity, special education, vocabulary instruction, assimilation

How Coal Changed Philadelphia: 1820-1865

William McGeehan
Keywords: Coal, locomotives, nativism, mineral energy, industrialization, ironworking, social reform, whiteness, water pollution, textile mills, steamships, poverty, antebellum Philadelphia

“Teaching Black visual culture through PBL”

Alla Dolderer
Keywords: ekphratic poems, photography, visual culture, video clips, African American culture, Art, Black culture, Black History month, moving pictures