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Me—A Wonderful Eater

Author: Catherine Cmiel


Shawmont Elementary School

Year: 2008

Seminar: The Public Health Issues of Child Obesity

Grade Level: K-3

Keywords: analyze, charts, choose good foods, classify foods, elementary school, food pyramid, healthy bodies, Literature, need, nutrition, nutritional games, want, worksheets, writing

School Subject(s): Health, Wellness & Personal Growth, Writing

This nutrition curriculum unit is appropriate for an audience of kindergarteners through third graders. Minor changes to the unit will make the lessons more appropriate for any elementary grade. The intent of this unit is to educate the children about their ability to choose the foods they need to enable them to maintain healthy bodies and to be successful in school. Students will then analyze and classify foods, using the food pyramid as a guide. The teacher will guide students in making the connection that their bodies need the proper fuel to function properly, similar to a battery operated toy car. Once the foundation has been laid, the students will analyze and classify foods as a “need” or “want” for their body. Making the appropriate food choices will be practiced in class using a variety of foods (pictures, play food, or actual food). These lessons will be supported using various materials and activities, such as children’s literature, writing assignments, charts, worksheets, and nutritional games.

Download Unit: Cmiel-2.pdf

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