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Modern Middle Eastern History

Author: Daniel Rivera


West Philadelphia High School

Year: 2010

Seminar: History of the Modern Middle East

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: Judaeo-Spanis, Spanish

School Subject(s): Languages, Spanish

My curriculum will focus on the relationship between the Spanish language and the Judaeo-Spanish dialect created by the Jewish population that was displaced from Spain in 1492. Judaeo-Spanish is commonly known as Ladino but is also known locally as Judezmo, Djudeo-Espanyol, Djudezmo, Djudeo-Kasteyano, or Spaniolit.

Giving high school students examples of how important and influential Spanish is does not give them the perspective that they require to motivate them. Data and information can only do so much and students need more than just mere hearsay to comprehend the validity of the Spanish language. Judaeo-Spanish provides students with the visualization of how influential and widespread Spanish is. This is accomplished by presenting two cultures that are not known for being connected to each other. Comparing and contrasting Spanish and Judaeo-Spanish helps build on the already obvious reality that Spanish is bigger than they believe.

Download Unit: Rivera_unit.pdf

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