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Romare Bearden: Commemorating the Centennial Birthday of the Man of Many Parts

Author: Rita Sorrentino


Overbrook Elementary School

Year: 2010

Seminar: American Literature and American Painting, 1840 to 1940

Grade Level: 1-4

Keywords: elementary poetry, poetry, Romare Bearden

School Subject(s): English, Literature, Poetry, Social Studies

Romare Bearden was a man of many talents, always at the beginning, always learning and trying new things. He incorporated literature into his canvasses, wrote poetry, illustrated books by influential authors, and composed songs. His collages from newspaper and magazine ads will appeal to the children who have had some cut-andpaste experiences of their own. His work is rich in cultural and historical themes revealing the life he knew in the rural South and the urban North.

I am the computer teacher at Overbrook Elementary School. My assignments include enhancing the curriculum with technology and working with students on projects to develop and extend their technological skills. This curriculum is designed for elementary school students to commemorate the centennial birthday of this great artist. The unit will incorporate language arts, social studies and technology in learning about the life and work of Romare Bearden throughout the year. Some of the objectives include: establishing  a timeline for the life of Romare Bearden, stimulating visual literacy through active viewing, and experimenting with collage in both a  in a digital and traditional environment. Lesson plans for each month will include material and activities for students in either Grades K-2 or Grades 3-5, and in some instances both, as students discuss, create and share their “parts” of Bearden’s life and work. I will working closely with our school librarian and classroom teachers to complete certain activities.  

Download Unit: Sorrentino.unit_.pdf

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