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Imagery in Action

Author: Donna L. Jones


University City High School

Year: 2009

Seminar: African American Poets in the 21st Century

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: activism, african american poetry, Civil Disobedience, English 3, Imagery, Imagery in Action, literary devices, Literature, poetry

School Subject(s): African American Literature, English, Literature, Poetry, Writing

The unit “Imagery in Action” is so entitled since it intends to address the theme of activism, by way of focusing primarily on the literary devices of imagery used in literature.  It is an expansion of the School District of Philadelphia’s English 3 unit, entitled “Civil Disobedience.”  The expansion involves the inclusion of poetry, specifically, African American poetry.  The poetry presented here surrounds the themes that are presented by the textbook’s selections.

Example lessons are given that utilize a variety of strategies.  Suggested poems are presented with the lessons to be used with each of the text’s selected readings by Henry David Thoreau, Mohandas  K. Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Download Unit: Jones-1-1.pdf

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