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Food Chains

Author: Melissa Freeman


Shawmont Elementary

Year: 2014

Grade Level: 1-4

Keywords: Biology, Food, food chains, food science, Science

School Subject(s): Biology, Science

Many students understand that we get our food from either animals or plants that we eat, but they do not completely understand the food chain and how energy is passed through a variety of organisms in a food chain (Royce, 2013). Food chains and food webs are important science concepts that help children understand how living things in nature are connected. It also shows how living things rely on each other for food and energy (“Food chain background,” 2014).

In this unit I explain why it is important to teach science in elementary schools, how to teach science effectively, and what are food chains and food webs. This unit includes five different lessons on food chains. The lessons are intended for first grade students, but can be adapted for younger or older leaRners.

Download Unit: Freeman-Melissa-unit.pdf

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