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“You Are What You Eat”: A Nutritional and Cultural Analysis of the Foods We Eat

Author: Amber Wilcoxson


Wagner Middle School

Year: 2014

Grade Level: 5-8

Keywords: Biology, Food, food justice, nutrition, Science

School Subject(s): Biology, Science

This unit, “You Are What You Eat: A Nutritional Analysis of the Foods We Eat,” was created with the Pennsylvania state science curriculum standards in mind, and is intended for use in a middle school, inclusive setting. This unit seeks to inform students of what their dietary choices look like at the cellular level, and aims to impart an understanding of the relationship between food choices, and healthy body function. Connected to this theme of food choice and body function is the science behind the concept of lengthy omission of various nutrients and the impairment of proper cellular operation. Students will explore several themes, including brand awareness, food accessibility variations among communities, targeted advertisement among different age groups, and themes relating to food justice, among others.

Download Unit: Wilcoxson-Amber-unit.pdf

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