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What’s That You Say Neighbor?

Author: Lynn Gourinski Fahr


Overbrook High School

Year: 2012

Seminar: "But Mostly I Lie A Lot" - The African American Short Story in the 21st Century

Grade Level: 9

Keywords: Civil War, storytelling, The Great Migration

School Subject(s): English

“What’s that you say neighbor?” is a unit designed to intrigue high school students to learn more about the community and neighborhoods they come from and live in. There is so much anxiety and fear in some areas of Philadelphia. Some of these fears are rooted in the mystery that surrounds not knowing the people on the block because we just have not spoken to them or they look different or speak a different language. To overcome the fears of the unknown, neighbors must greet each other and want to share in the likeness of history and celebrate the differences of each others’ lives. This unit proposes that as a neighborhood, community, city, state, and nation, we should spend time to know who lives in the neighborhood. The ultimate outcome will be, we are not as different as our skin, speech, or cultures impose.

Download Unit: lfahr-unit-TIP-2012-2.pdf

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