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Using Transfer as a Schema to Learn about Energy: A Modular Approach

Matthew N VanKouwenberg
Keywords: Motor, Middle School, Mechanical Energy, Physical Science, PhotoVoltaics, Lab, Thermodynamics, High School, Magnetism, physics, student-centered, wind energy, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Energy Transfer, electricity, Environmental Science, Experiment, Generator, global warming, Eolic, Constructivist


Extracting Earth’s Elements

Eual A. Phillips
Keywords: molecular geometry, minerals, physics, ionic, Math, endangered elements, earth, Environmental Science, Chemistry, compounds, green chemistry, coordination, covalent, crystals


Your Galactic Address: Space, Place, and Perspective

Amanda Amanullah
Keywords: physics, perspective, Math, Science, scale, Space Science, space, solar system, social studies, point of view, Reading, Ratio, Proportion, writing, astronomy, elementary, fractions, English, universe, geometry, Geography

The Born Identity of Atoms

Eual A. Phillips
Keywords: nuclides, nuclear, neutrons, modelling, Medicine, physics, Physical Science, stars, High School, Science, stellar nucleosynthesis, reactions, radioactivity, protons, atoms, algebra, fusion linear equations, fission, Chemistry, graphing, universe

Planetary Motion From the Ground Up

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: Newton, orbit, observation, physics, Physical Science, Kepler, Inquiry, mathematics, Math, heliocentric, Science, solar system, simulation, High School, advanced placement, advanced placement physics, astronomy, argument, ap physics, Galileo, geometry, gravity, geocentric

Determining the Motion of Galaxies Using Doppler Redshift

Caitlin M. Matyas
Keywords: Physical Science, physics, Inquiry, High School, Science, simulation, redshift, Hubble expansion, astronomy, Doppler effect, discussion


What Is It Like to Live Without Electricity?

Catherine Michini
Keywords: physics, scientific context, Probability and Statistics, probability, Statistics, real world problems, quantitative tools, electricity, Environmental Science, choice boards, data displays

Conservation: The Thermodynamics of Sustainability

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: temperature, physics, mathematics, Thermodynamics, maker, Math, making, makered, problem based learning, problem solving, project based learning, sustainability, Technology, heat, advanced placement, ap physics, energy, engineering, climate, design


Engineering Physics: Modding and Making

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: makerspace, physics, mathematics, Math, maker, making, makered, Science, problem based learning, problem solving, robotics, robot, project based learning, advanced placement, advanced placement physics, 3d printing, CAD, building, Arduino, ap physics, ap, 3d carving, 3d, engineering, tools, fabrication, design thinking, construction, design

The Chemistry of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits

Cristobal Carambo
Keywords: Physical Science, Science, physics vocabulary, physics, chemis, electronics, Electrochemistry, electricity, electric circuits, engineering, Chemistry


All That Glitters is Not Gold. Extending Scientific Thinking to Analyze Manufacturers’ Claims on Consumer Products

Naomi Mureria
Keywords: Physical Science, High School, physics, Science, Scientific Method, Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Consumer Power


The Science Behind Art and Literature: How We Process What We See and Hear

Amanda Bridgeford
Keywords: Physical Science, poetry, physics

Alternative Energy Resources Unit On Wind Energy

John DiFiore
Keywords: non-renewable energy, physics, renewable energy, engineering


It’s a Small World After All

Jennifer Boyd-Waller
Keywords: Nanotechnology, high school science, Science, science lab, physics, atoms

The Importance of Surface to Volume Ratio (SVR) in Everyday Life.

Krishan L. Wadhwa
Keywords: physics, geometry


Can You Hear Me Now? – Exploring the Science of Sound

Rita Sorrentino
Keywords: Technology, medium, physics, language arts, Science, speech, sound, acoustics, hearing, vibrations, wave motion, elementary school, computer science

Physics of Music: Making Waves in a Science Classroom

Rosalind Echols
Keywords: motion, Physical Science, hip-hop generation, physics, Science, sound, waves

Cartoon Animation and Films in Literature: Intrinsic to Physics

Bonnee L. Breese
Keywords: literacy terms, Math, Making connections, Science, physics, physics vocabulary, cartoon animation, English Language Arts, film editing, film

Learning Physics and Math: An Aesthetic Approach

Moses B. Jackson
Keywords: Music, high school math, Math, physics, 9th grade, arts, Art, 10th grade, discover, think, explore, create, dance

Kinematics (Equations of Motion)

Krishan L. Wadhwa
Keywords: motion of objects, Physical Science, Kinematics, physics, acceleration, velocity, vectors, speed, equations of motion, diagrams, Graphs, deceleration