The Art of the Ad: A Critical Investigation of Persuasive Tactics

Author: Alima McKnight


Richmond Elementary

Year: 2019

Seminar: Learning about America and the World from McDonald’s

Grade Level: 4

Keywords: theme, advertising, confidence, Critical thinking, English language learners, ESOL, opinion writing, persuasive writing, Self-Regulated Learning (SRL), special education, SpEd

School Subject(s): Language Arts, English, Social Studies

This curriculum unit suggests an approach to teaching opinion writing that is centered around advertising. The goal developed here is to have general education, special education, and English language learners become more critical of the advertisements they see in an effort to be more critical consumers long term and better persuasive writers short term.  Various teaching strategies such as analysis, evaluation, the construction of arguments, and Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) are explored in order to provide lessons that address confidence, writing skills, persuasive tactics, critical thinking, opinion development and research.

Download Unit: McKnight-A.-19.03.03.pdf

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