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Considering Cultural Communities in the Middle School Literacy Classroom

Emma Connolly
Keywords: assimilation, comprehension instruction, Culture, discussion, ethnicity, graphic novels, Identity, Middle School, special education, vocabulary instruction

Exploring Civic Engagement through Early Childhood Special Education

Alissa Capponi
Keywords: life skills, vocational skills, special education, autistic support, community engagement


Who Am I and Where Am I? A Place-Based Poetry Unit

Emma Connolly
Keywords: writing instruction, poetry, place-based learning, Middle School, special education, comprehension instruction, identity development, fluency instruction


Amazing Animal Adaptations

Dorothy Martin
Keywords: special education, autistic support, animals, adaptation, Evolution

The Superhero Self: Speculative Fiction for Identity Development and Social Change

Emma Connolly
Keywords: superheroes, special education, learning support, imagination, fiction


The Art of the Ad: A Critical Investigation of Persuasive Tactics

Alima McKnight
Keywords: Self-Regulated Learning (SRL), persuasive writing, opinion writing, theme, SpEd, special education, advertising, confidence, Critical thinking, ESOL, English language learners

More than Taking an Order: The Importance of Skill Development in Employment through the Lens of the Fast Food Industry for Students in a Life Skills Setting

Erin Smith Feerick
Keywords: skill development, McDonalds, life skills, special education, fast food, employment


Do You See What I See? Is Candy Just a Treat or a Math Tool? Statistics and You

Monica Brundage
Keywords: Probability / Statistics, special education, Middle, Math, vocabulary, Statistics, Data