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Exploring African American Culture Through Literature

Author: Susan King


Alexander Wilson Elementary School

Year: 2007

Seminar: 20th Century American Literature

Grade Level: K-3

Keywords: African American culture, African American literature, autistic support, books, comprehension skills, Reading, storytelling

School Subject(s): African American Literature, English, Literature

My intentions are to have my autistic support students in elementary school experience African American culture through literature. Students will gain respect for Africans and African Americans, eradicate misconceptions and stereotypes, and understand that African Americans have played a role in the history of Philadelphia. Additionally, students will understand that African Americans have played important roles in the history of the United States. Students will gain a better understanding of the African American culture through a vast assortment of literature and through activities and experiences within the classroom. Students will be introduced to many African American people who have contributed to the growth and changes in America today.

Download Unit: 07.05.09.pdf

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