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Police Free City: Writing Emancipatory Visionary Fiction

Charlie McGeehan
Keywords: the Hunger Games, Literature, fantasy, fiction, science fiction, social studies, Reading, writing, dark fantastic cycle, Black Lives Matter

Dabbling in the Dark: The Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of the Black Speculative Aesthetic

Ryann M. Rouse
Keywords: fantasy, science fiction, race, Afrofuturism, English Language Arts, Black Speculative Art


“What If…?”

Joyce Arnosky
Keywords: time travel, ethics, social commentary, science fiction, being “the other”

“All of the Same Family”: The Fictional Science that Created America

Benjamin Hover
Keywords: Kindred, Human Experimentation, Scientific Racism, science fiction, African American History, African American literature, Enlightenment

Un-Zombied and Magically Black: A Kaleidoscope of the African-American’s Supernatural World

Wendi Mungai Umoren
Keywords: Kindred, Human Experimentation, Scientific Racism, science fiction, Enlightenment, African American History, African American literature

Five Earths

Alexander Maxfield Arnosky
Keywords: time travel, social commentary, science fiction, ethics, being “the other”

African-American Narratives Exploratory: Detective Gazes & Futuristic Furies

Bonnee Breese Bentum
Keywords: Octavia Butler, fantasy, Great American Migration, snitches, speculative fiction, science fiction, race in fiction, Samuel Delany, African American literature, Walter Mosley, African-American authors, African-American heroes, Cosmic Slop, detective fiction, Easy Rawlins, Understanding by Design, UbD, Barbara Neely, time travel

Employing Science Fiction to Increase Literacy in the Science Classroom

Cristobal Carambo
Keywords: science literacy, science fiction, Science

A Brave New World?

Nicole Flores
Keywords: literacy, literacy skills, The Giver, Parable of the Sower, science fiction, Reading


Science, Science Fiction and American History

Myrtle Bastien
Keywords: Monitor and Merrimac, naval warfare, ironclad ships, fiction, invention, History, secret weapon, submarine, science fiction, Civil War

Science Through Science Fiction in a Hot Air Balloon

Nancy Baulis
Keywords: Math, Philadelphia Zoo, fantasy, Hindenburg, hot air balloon, social studies, Science, science fiction, aeronautics, weather, writing, Wizard of Oz, air machines, Dirigibles

Science Fiction of the Fifties: Reflections of Cold War Themes

Steven Shust
Keywords: novels, films, fear, themes of alientation, History, science fiction, control, destruction through the lens of science fiction, conformity, cold war technology, cold war politics, cold war culture, American History, Cold War

Teaching Science with Science Fiction

Stuart Surrey
Keywords: matter, flow of energy, printed, Science, science fiction, energy, English, atomic structure, audiovisual, chemical reactions, Chemistry