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Discovering Our Community Assets

Sarah C. Beverly
Keywords: social studies, Philadelphia, service learning, English Language Arts, community, assets

Breast Cancer: An Exponential Process

Vicki Baker
Keywords: logarithmic functions, exponential functions, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Algebra 2, Elementary Functions, Breast cancer, cancer

Wicked Problems, Place, and Liberation

Charlie McGeehan
Keywords: Kensington, social justice, Philadelphia, Wicked Problem, cities


A History of Philadelphia: Redlining and the Founding Ideals of Democracy

Alexander de Arana
Keywords: History, social science, Philadelphia, democracy

Still Segregated in 2020: A Study of Equity in Philadelphia Area Schools through Film Study and Creation

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: History, freedom, Government, Politics, Media, Philadelphia, Civil Rights Movement, communications, civics, cinema


Living With Lead: Lessons for Environmental Justice and Citizenship

Ryann Rouse
Keywords: lead, interpreting facts, lead legislation, lead paint, lead poisoning, lead regulation, environmental justice, Flint, environmental citizenship, research project, Philadelphia, water crisis, toxicity, toxins, analyzing informational texts, central theme

Noticing and Wondering, Who Decides How a River is Made?

Vicki Baker
Keywords: mathematics, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, algebra, climate change

A Place Based Climate Change Exploration for Middle School

Rachel Odoroff
Keywords: Philadelphia, climate activists, climate change, climate literacy

Environmental Humanities Through the Lens of a Math Teacher

Tracy Saltz
Keywords: Math, pollution, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, environmental humanities, carbon dioxide

Chasing Cinderella: Following One Story Around the World

Phyllis Zimmer
Keywords: stories, PBL, Philadelphia, Culture, cinderella


Phila-Gami: Philadelphia Themed Folding in the Math Classroom

Catherine Michini
Keywords: Math, geometry, fold-and-cut, STEAM, pop-up card, Philadelphia, Pi Day, Mobile, origami, Alexander Calder, Art


The Philadelphia Wax Museum: Exploring the History of a City Through Different Points of View

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: History, social studies, revolutionary war, Philadelphia, wax museum, elementary, biography


From Little Rock to Philadelphia: A Look at School Desegregation

Alison McCartney
Keywords: little rock, Little Rock Nine, Philadelphia, racial inequalities, Research, school desegregation, Warriors Don't Cry, desegregation, Arkansas, Central High School

Early Abolitionists in Philadelphia

Sandy O’Keefe
Keywords: Quakers, Philadelphia, 8th grade, abolitionists, African American, Colonial America, end to slavery, anti-slavery

Philadelphia 1793: Yellow Fever, Race, Medicine and Politics

Mona Kolsky
Keywords: yellow fever, History, race, Medicine, Philadelphia


Germantown PA: Researching the Great Road Welcome Mat

Barbara McDowell Dowdall
Keywords: Irish, Italian, Germantown, Philadelphia, 9th grade, African, Daniel Pastorious, Dutch trading company, English 1

Give and Take from the Great Demographic Fact: A Vagarious Look At Commercial Influence over Cultural Exchange in 20th- and 21st-century Philadelphia

Chadd S. Johnson
Keywords: History, Philadelphia, migration, personal narrative, worker migration, clothing trade in Africa, commerce, commercial influence, cultural imperialism, data analysis

The Peopling of Philadelphia: 19th Century Immigration

Mona Kolsky
Keywords: industrial city, Lazaretto Quarantine Station, stereotyping, Graphs, photographs, political cartoons, ship manifests, national trends, Philadelphia, advertisements, 19th Century Immigration

Bound Labor in Philadelphia

Sandy O’Keefe
Keywords: immigrants, indentured servants, servitude, redemptioners, Philadelphia, workforce, Colonial Philadelphia, apprentice, apprenticeships, bound labor


Rock and Roll and the Record and Broadcasting Industry

Sandy O’Keefe
Keywords: rhythm, rock and roll, Music, Philadelphia, African American Artists, Blues music