Enhancing Beginning Reading Skills Through Poetry

Author: Pamela Elters


Mitchell Elementary School

Year: 2013

Seminar: Modern and Contemporary American Poetry

Grade Level: 1

Keywords: literacy, poetry, reading skills, Shel Silverstein

School Subject(s): English, Literature, Poetry

This unit intended for first grade literacy poetry unit. This unit will look at the works of Shel Silverstein and William Carlos Williams. Silverstein has succeeded in teaching these objectives in a fun, colorful, and exciting world a child can enjoy. William Carlos Williams’ poetry will allow the students to open up the imagination to see a more realistic image. The children will learn through repetition, reading, and close reading. The final product of each lesson will be a published piece that will use background knowledge they have acquired on their own. The piece will be brainstormed, prewritten, edited, with the final piece being a finished copy with illustration

Download Unit: Elters-Pamela-Unit.pdf

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