The Art of Literature: Visual Stimuli that Constructs Communication

Author: Silvino J. Alexander Jr.


Mitchell, S.W.

Year: 2019

Seminar: Modern and Contemporary U.S. Poetry

Grade Level: K-8

Keywords: "Third Space" Paradigm, Art, comic books, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP), History, literacy, poetry, THAL (Technology

School Subject(s): English, Poetry

This curriculum unit centers on poetry and comic book creation that allows students to talk about themselves and concepts that interest them in a unique way. When students use poetry to express their feelings or thoughts it happens to be a very different writing process than creating formal compositions or essays. This unit will focus on students creating their own poetic narrative about who they are as individuals, and then illustrating their words into a comic book based on what they have written. Some objectives of the unit will be for students to enhance their writing skills by being able to write in poetic form, using artistic fervor to illustrate their written work, and possibly being able to brainstorm on how they can apply technology to their work so it can be viewed by other students in different parts of the world.

Download Unit: Alexander-S.-19.01.06.pdf

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