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Who Tells Your Story? The Power of Debate and Discourse in the High School Classroom

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: Christopher Columbus, debate, High School, Monument, Mural, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rocky

Makerspaces: Where Precision and Play Intersect

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: makerspace, lessons, High School, soft robots, visual arts, problem solving, play, robot, creative, creativity, collaboration

Latin Asians: Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration in Latin America

Alisha Davis
Keywords: Culture, ethnicity, High School, Identity, Latino, panethnicity, project based learning, race, social studies education


Gathering Clay: Community Poetry, Individual Grace, and the Limitations of Language

Greg Probst
Keywords: louise erdrich, philly, neoindigenous, Navajo, Native American, individuality, Indigenous, High School, southwestern, south philadelphia, society, Pueblo, poetry, artifacts, Art, English Language Arts, Creative Writing, Culture, community

Using Transfer as a Schema to Learn about Energy: A Modular Approach

Matthew N VanKouwenberg
Keywords: Mechanical Energy, Motor, Middle School, Magnetism, Lab, PhotoVoltaics, global warming, High School, Physical Science, Generator, Thermodynamics, wind energy, student-centered, physics, electricity, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Energy Transfer, Environmental Science, Eolic, Experiment, Constructivist

Using Poetry to Confront Neighborhood Representation and Gentrification

Sally O’Brien
Keywords: metaphor, media analysis, landscape literacy, gentrification, intersectionality, High School, poetry, place-based learning, race, class, gender

Hand-Made Music: Creating the Instruments and Sounds of Africa

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: Music, hands-on, instrument, high school music, high school art, High School, Art, Africana studies, African music, Africa, contemporary music

A Geographical Analysis of Sites of African American History in Philadelphia

Hannah Zieve
Keywords: Geography, High School, social studies, project based learning, Research, anthropology, African American History


Agency Through Inquiry: A Quest for Social Justice

Ryann Rouse
Keywords: philosophy, geomedicine, High School, social justice, structural violence, scientific justice, ecofeminism, ELA, English Language Arts, ethics

Origami Engineering and Product Design

Elizabeth Szablya
Keywords: Yoshizawa randlett, modular origami, kirigami, origami, High School, hands-on, PHiZZ, spatial reasoning, STEAM, snapology, Scientific Method, Yoshizawa, STEM, tessilation, student lead, prototype, project-based, project based instruction, presentation, Physical Science, Science activity, Science, Art, asian art and culture, fold, engineering, design, construct, design thinking


Put Yourself Out There: Identity, Genre, and Concert Production in Music Ensemble Performance

Walter Bechtold
Keywords: Middle School, Music, Performance, Music Technology, Orchestra, High School, Grade 7-12, Identity, Instrumental Music, social studies, Popular Music, Genre, Arranging, Band, Culture


The Born Identity of Atoms

Eual A. Phillips
Keywords: modelling, Medicine, nuclides, nuclear, neutrons, graphing, High School, stars, stellar nucleosynthesis, universe, protons, radioactivity, physics, Physical Science, reactions, Science, algebra, Chemistry, atoms, fission, fusion linear equations

Sisters in the Shadows: Black Women During the Black Arts Movement

Kristian Ali
Keywords: language arts, movement, High School, social justice, self-awareness, revolution, black women, black arts movement, gender awareness, English, feminism

Are You Destined for Mathematical Greatness?

Catherine Michini
Keywords: Math, Learning from Peers, Journalism, High School, Interviewing an Honor Math Student, interviewing, Interview Skills, Self-Reflection Questions, Women in STEM Careers, STEM Careers, Science, Gender Bias, Alumni Legacy, biography, Biographies of Alumni in STEM Careers, biographies

The Haitian Revolution and Governor General Toussaint Louverture: A Biography

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: High School, social studies

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: It Will Be Digital

Jada L. Warfield-Henry
Keywords: Harlem Renaissance, Historical Context, hip-hop, High School, black arts movement, English, Digital Anthology

A Cry from the Climate: The Glacier is Talking

Nichole Boyd
Keywords: High School, global warming, glaciers, Earth Science, Environmental Science, climate change

When Batteries Die, Do They Go to Heaven?

Bruce S. Karpe
Keywords: High School, trash, sustainability, Physical Science, Science, recycling, Chemistry, batteries, Electronic Waste, Environmental Science

Is Technology Destroying Earth?

Alena Newpher-Lockard
Keywords: High School, Technology, Science, Chemistry, chemical reactions, environment

Determining the Motion of Galaxies Using Doppler Redshift

Caitlin M. Matyas
Keywords: High School, Inquiry, Hubble expansion, simulation, physics, Physical Science, Science, redshift, astronomy, discussion, Doppler effect