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Cancer in the Classroom: A Case Study Analysis

Lisa Franchetti
Keywords: Biology, cancer, cell cycle, life science, mutations

Cancer Journeys: From the Microscopic to a Call to Action

Chris Sikich
Keywords: Biology, call to action, cancer, cell, cell signaling, CER, Evolution, genetics, Inquiry, mutation, project, Science


Human Evolution

Chris Sikich
Keywords: Biology, Evolution, genetics, human evolution, life science, Natural Selection

Evolutionary Biology

Daniel Hartzog
Keywords: Biology, Evolution, Heredity, kindergarten, Science, Traits, Variation

Evolution: Pokémon v. Bizarre Real Animals

Lisa Yuk Kuen Yau
Keywords: Biology, Critical thinking, Evolution, pokemon, Science


Resonant Subcellular Narrative Nonfiction

Margaret Osman
Keywords: Biology, Joseph Campbell, STEAM


Learning the Water, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles through the Effects of Intensive Farming Techniques

Winnie Chan
Keywords: Biology, carbon cycle, Environmental Science, farming, Food, nitrogen cycle, water cycle

Science for Lunch

Juan Austin
Keywords: Biology, experiments, food science, foods, lunch, Science

Following the (Food) Rules: Using Informational Texts to Teach about Food, Cooking and Nutrition

Tara Ann Carter
Keywords: Biology, diabetes, Food, Health, nutrition

How You Gonna Keep’em Down on the Farm

Sue Christmas
Keywords: agriculture, Biology, farming, Food

Food Chains

Melissa Freeman
Keywords: Biology, Food, food chains, food science, Science

Photosynthesis: What Have you Done for me Lately?

Richardson Guerrier
Keywords: Biology, PBLA, photosynthesis, Science

You Gonna Eat That?

Glenza Lowman
Keywords: Biology, EEEW, English, Food, healthy lifestyle, Science

“You Are What You Eat”: A Nutritional and Cultural Analysis of the Foods We Eat

Amber Wilcoxson
Keywords: Biology, Food, food justice, nutrition, Science

Food as Fuel: The Physiology of Nutrition

Heather Zajdel
Keywords: Biology, Food, Health, nutrition


DNA Replication, Transcription, Translation: What is the Difference?

Kathleen Tait
Keywords: (DNA) replication, (DNA) transcription, (DNA) translation, Biology, DNA, Middle School, Science

The Plasma Membrane, Through the Eyes of a High School Scientist

Winnie Chan
Keywords: Biology, cells, cellular transport, High School, osmosis, plasma membrane, Science, Scientific Method

Natural Selection: Understanding the Driving Force Behind Evolution

Alan Tso
Keywords: Biology, Evolution, High School, Natural Selection, Science

All That Glitters is Not Gold. Extending Scientific Thinking to Analyze Manufacturers’ Claims on Consumer Products

Naomi Mureria
Keywords: Biology, Chemistry, Consumer Power, Environmental Science, High School, Physical Science, physics, Science, Scientific Method

Applying the Iterative Nature of the Scientific Process

Troy J. Holiday
Keywords: Biology, hands-on, High School, iterative process, Science, Scientific Method