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Statistics of Immigration in Philadelphia

Anatol Kondili
Keywords: Algebra 2, analyze, central tendency, charts, Data, flux of immigrants, history of immigration, predictions, rates of immigration, samples of population, sampling method, Statistics

Harlem, Hughes, and Hip-Hop

Leslie Carlis
Keywords: 12th grade, acting, analyze, drama class, educational websites, graphic organizers, Harlem, Harlem Renaissance, hip-hop, Hughes, interpret, Langston Hughes, perform the production, power point presentations, public speaking, read, short stories, themes of poems, themes of short stories, videos

Using Rap Lyrics as a Resource in the Secondary English Classroom

Lisa Kelly
Keywords: African American, African-based American art form, analyze, Bronx, city students, comments on current events, enjoy, literary devices, literary skills, literary styles, rap music, rap tells stories, relevant to student life, tells stories, trace themes

Me—A Wonderful Eater

Catherine Cmiel
Keywords: analyze, charts, choose good foods, classify foods, elementary school, food pyramid, healthy bodies, Literature, need, nutrition, nutritional games, want, worksheets, writing


The Story of Us: An Urban Fifth Grade Class Creates a Living History Document Through Memoir and Photography

Joyce Arnosky
Keywords: analyze, data collection, History, literacy, Math, memoir, photography, social studies, Visual Art, writing

Connecting Nineteen Eighty-Four to Today

Alison McCartney
Keywords: analyze, British literature, debate, English, George Orwell, involved citizens, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Reading, social science, World Literature