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Food As Fuel Introducing Healthy Eating in The K-2 Autistic Classroom

Dorothy Martin
Keywords: autism, Food, nutrition, Pecs


Following the (Food) Rules: Using Informational Texts to Teach about Food, Cooking and Nutrition

Tara Ann Carter
Keywords: Biology, diabetes, Food, Health, nutrition

Introducing 9th Grade Students to the Biology of Food

Sue George
Keywords: bioogy, breakfast, DNA, Food, Health, My plate, nutrition

You Are What You Eat

Christy Hartman
Keywords: bioogy, Food, nutrition, Science

“You Are What You Eat”: A Nutritional and Cultural Analysis of the Foods We Eat

Amber Wilcoxson
Keywords: Biology, Food, food justice, nutrition, Science

Food as Fuel: The Physiology of Nutrition

Heather Zajdel
Keywords: Biology, Food, Health, nutrition


What Do Brad Pitt and Einstein have in Common?

Cheryle Jackson
Keywords: 5th grade, alternative eating, childhood obesity, Health, journals, nutrition, obesity, population-based intervention, public health, recipes, Science, Standard American Diet, vegetarianism

Me—A Wonderful Eater

Catherine Cmiel
Keywords: analyze, charts, choose good foods, classify foods, elementary school, food pyramid, healthy bodies, Literature, need, nutrition, nutritional games, want, worksheets, writing

Think before you eat! A Kindergarten Nutrition Guide

Grace Hollander
Keywords: childhood obesity, daily exercise, diet, exercise, fruits and vegetables, Health literacy, healthy eating, nutrition, obesity, self-awareness


Pathways To A Healthy Life

Karen L. Brinkley
Keywords: eating, Health, healthy, nutrition

You Are What You Eat

Klair McGlynn
Keywords: diet, Food, food pyramid, Health, Health literacy, healthy, nutrition