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Exploring Soft Robotics Through the Movie Big Hero 6

Charlette Walker
Keywords: Google suite, Technology, robotics, soft robots, soft robotics, digital literacy, English Language Arts, Big Hero 6


Never Sing the Same Way Twice: Encouraging Student Voice with Umm Kulthum

Benjamin Perkins
Keywords: Melody, Music, Harmony, Keyboard, Technology, improvisation, rhythm, Piano, poetry, Performance, Umm Kulthum, Africa, voice, Drum, Egypt, business

Roblox and the City: Exploring Race, Class, and Gender Through Digital Gaming

Robert Rivera-Amezola
Keywords: gender, race, Technology, digital literacy, digital games, digital citizens, elementary, class, cities


Robotics: Solving Problems One Design At A Time

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: makeology, onshape, humanoids, ideation, robotics, Scratch, Technology, persuasive writing, recycled robots, problem solving, 3.4.3.E1, 3.4.3.D1, 3-d printing, animaloids, engineering, design process, blended learning, creativity 3.4.3.C1, collaboration


Is Technology Destroying Earth?

Alena Newpher-Lockard
Keywords: High School, Science, Technology, environment, chemical reactions, Chemistry


How To: An Adventure in Writing and Designing Circuits

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: invention, light bulb, LED, language arts, Physical Science, quiz board, Technology, writing, diode, engineering, timeline, breadboard, transistor, Circuit

LEED, Leadership in engineering and Environmental Design. Helping Student to Understand Energy and the Light Pollution

Mark Marshall
Keywords: LEED, Technology, power, electricity, environmental design, engineering

Conservation: The Thermodynamics of Sustainability

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: maker, Math, making, makered, mathematics, heat, physics, sustainability, Technology, project based learning, problem solving, problem based learning, advanced placement, ap physics, Thermodynamics, energy, temperature, engineering, design, climate

What Did that Cell Phone Really Cost?

Alena Newpher-Lockard
Keywords: sustainability, Technology, energy, cell phones


Robotics: Creating the Limitless Potential of Nanotechnology

Troy J. Holiday
Keywords: Nanotechnology, robotics, Technology, design


Whodunit? Using Technology to Unravel the Mystery of Mystery Fiction

Darlene Schaffer
Keywords: mystery, Technology, learning disbability, Edgar Allen Poe

Take a Chance!

Tiffany Moyer
Keywords: Literature, Technology, predictions, probability, chance, Statistics

Film Literature of Middle Eastern Women: Explorations from Egypt, Iran, and Turkey

Bonnee Breese
Keywords: Middle East, Iran, United States, women, world history, Egypt, Technology, Turkey

Lessons from the Middle East: Using Technology for Protest and Political Activism

Zoelene Hill
Keywords: Technology, Middle East, Political Activism, women


“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”: Telling Stories Through Paint, Photography and Poetry Using Technology

Dale Apple
Keywords: Technology, Harlem Renaissance, poetry


Civil Rights Era and the African American Experience: Investigating American History through a Literary Lens

Erin Swan-Potras
Keywords: Technology, Music, Historical Context, social context, segregation, political context, video, American Civil Rights Movement, Alabama, African American figures, 1960s, 1950s, discrimination, Birmingham, commercialism, Civil Rights Movement, Children's March

Macro to the Micro

David H. Adams
Keywords: macro, Nanotechnology, Technology, micro, Science


Kids Love Stories

Nan Richmond
Keywords: local settings, heroes, games, language of origin, language arts, interactional routines, folktales, social studies, retelling, Technology, relating to life, problem solving, evaluate, values, attitudes towards young and old people, celebrations, community culture

The Sankofa – Hip Hop Connection

Karen L. Brinkley
Keywords: movies, past traditions, hip-hop, Ghana, importance of music, sankofa, Technology, primary source documents, rap music, analyze and critique, Twi language, Critical thinking, comparative analysis

Possible Worlds (I)

Elizabeth M. Harvey
Keywords: Technology, governmental structures, genetics, I, Science, societal structures, robot, environment, biological sciences, Biology, Blood Child, Brave New World