“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”: Telling Stories Through Paint, Photography and Poetry Using Technology

Author: Dale Apple


Lewis C. Cassidy Academics Plus School

Year: 2010

Seminar: American Literature and American Painting, 1840 to 1940

Grade Level: 6

Keywords: Harlem Renaissance, poetry, Technology

School Subject(s): English, Poetry

When a writer begins to weave a tale, it is often with memories from life, which are the basis for storytelling. Writers embellish, imagine, fantasize and stretch those memories to make their stories appealing to their target audiences. Visual artists may represent their stories realistically or symbolically much as a writer, and both can be considered renderings of a scene, although writers paint with words and visual artists paint with images.

This unit is designed to explore how artists and writers tell their stories through different mediums and how they are shaped by history and culture. We will look at poetry, painting and photography from the Harlem Renaissance and how the work reflected the times in which the artists and writers lived. Artists and writers from today also reflect their world in their work as they seek new ways of creative expression. What would a painting, collage or poem look like today if one of the artists from the Harlem Renaissance were to create it? What if they used technology to create their work- a PowerPoint, a slideshow, a video, a Podcast, a digital painting or digital collage?

Download Unit: Apple-Unit.pdf

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