Food As Fuel Introducing Healthy Eating in The K-2 Autistic Classroom

Author: Dorothy Martin


E. Washington Rhodes Elementary School

Year: 2019

Seminar: Learning about America and the World from McDonald’s

Grade Level: 1-2

Keywords: autism, Food, nutrition, Pecs

School Subject(s): Special Education

This curriculum unit is designed to introduce kindergarten through second grade students about
the importance of eating healthy.  Through the use of stories and activities students will learn
how to make food choices that are beneficial to their health and overall well being. This unit was
designed for use in the autistic classroom, but can be used in the regular education classroom as
well.  Each lesson is designed to be completed in one class period, with the exception of lesson
3, the shared cooking lesson.  This lesson may take two class periods to complete,

Download Unit: Martin-D.-19.03.09.pdf

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