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Data Visualization

Seminar Leader:
David Nickerson


Analysts of all ages use numbers to answer questions large and small. Learning how to communicate these answers clearly and concisely is an important skill. Data visualization (e.g., graphs and heat maps) can help authors explain the narrative of the analysis performed in a powerful way. Pedagogically, constructing graphs and heat maps can help students get their hands on the data and make the meaning of the numbers more concrete. This course offered an introduction to basic design principles in data visualization through a very hands-on approach. Using Google Sheets as our primary interface, we walked through the nuts-and-bolts of finding, downloading, and importing data sets of interest. The course discussed rules of thumb for selecting the proper types of graphs to explain relationships, and how to make them in the class. The course also made use of free data visualization websites for more complicated tasks such as histograms and heat maps. The focus of the course was on describing data and relationships visually and not on statistics.

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Empathy through Small Data: Using Our Own Data to Visualize the Impact of Wicked Problems

Charlie McGeehan
Keywords: Creative Writing, data analysis, Data visualization, Describing data, Hand-Drawn Visualization, Humanities, Math, Research design, Senior Project, Statistics, Visual Art

Now You See It! Using Infographics to Help Kids Access and Present Information

Alima McKnight
Keywords: Character Traits, Data visualization, Graphs, Inferencing, infographics, Report writing

An Investigation into Data Visualization

Lindsay Neath
Keywords: data analysis, Data visualization, Describing data, Graphs, Histogram, Math, Statistics

Designing Data on Diabetes

Eual A. Phillips, Jr.
Keywords: blood sugar, Chemistry, Conversions, Data visualization, diabetes, glucose, graphing, measurements, patterns, trends

One Island Two People: Visualizing and Comparing the Development Stories of Haiti and Dominican Republic

Samuel A. Reed, III
Keywords: data analysis, Data visualization, Describing data, infographics, Research design

See the Problem, Be the Change

Tracy Saltz
Keywords: data analysis, Data visualization, Describing data, Math, Statistics

Emoji Tracker: Utilizing Data Visualization to Track Student Behavior in Real Time

Peggy Marie Savage
Keywords: Data, Data visualization, emoji, emojis, emotions, monitor, tracking

Statistics Unique Place in Math

Paul Dale
Keywords: Describing data, Histogram, statistical questions, Statistics