Rich or King “Founding” Fathers or Mothers’ Mythology

Author: Samuel A. Reed, III


The U School

Year: 2019

Seminar: Learning about America and the World from McDonald’s

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: American History, founding fathers, Humanities, king, mythology

School Subject(s): English, Social Studies, American History

This unit, Rich or King”Founding” Fathers or Mothers’ Mythology  is intended for ninth through twelfth grade learners in an American history humanities classroom, but it can be used in an English Language Arts or Social Studies stand-alone class. This unit interrogates the contradictory narratives of American “Founders” with those of contemporary “Founding” Business leaders.  Students will explore how the self-made person became our standard bearers of American might and power. Students will compare and contrast the archetypes of American founding fathers or mothers with those of global brands leaders or entertainers. Ultimately, based on comparative biographies and archetypes, students will render their own historical narratives of founding fathers or mothers and famous American business leaders or entertainers.

Download Unit: Reed-S.-19.03.01.pdf

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