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Soft Robotics: An Introduction to Design Methodology and Engineering

Jessica Duong
Keywords: process, methodology, robotics, robot, engineering, design


Humans and the Environment: How Water Pollution and Littering Affect Health

Chelsea Maher
Keywords: pollution, littering, Health, urban, world, waterways, water, engineering, environment


Engineering Confidence, Focus, and Geometry Through Paper Folding

Katherine Breitbart
Keywords: paper folding, origami, learning strategies, Math, geometry, social-emotional learning, spatial reasoning, STEAM, STEM, skills development, Science, Art, asian art and culture, attention, engineering, first grade, focus

Origami Engineering and Product Design

Elizabeth Szablya
Keywords: Yoshizawa randlett, origami, PHiZZ, Physical Science, project-based, project based instruction, presentation, kirigami, High School, modular origami, prototype, spatial reasoning, STEAM, STEM, student lead, snapology, Yoshizawa, tessilation, Scientific Method, Science activity, Science, hands-on, asian art and culture, Art, engineering, construct, design, design thinking, fold

Prosthetic Robots in Healthcare

Surinder Kaur
Keywords: Healthcare, Machines, STEM, Robots, Science, Anatomy, engineering

Robotics: Solving Problems One Design At A Time

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: persuasive writing, onshape, problem solving, makeology, ideation, recycled robots, Technology, robotics, Scratch, humanoids, animaloids, blended learning, 3.4.3.D1, 3-d printing, 3.4.3.E1, engineering, collaboration, creativity 3.4.3.C1, design process


How To: An Adventure in Writing and Designing Circuits

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: Physical Science, quiz board, light bulb, LED, language arts, invention, Technology, writing, transistor, timeline, breadboard, Circuit, engineering, diode

The Panama Canal: Path to Global Destiny

Patrick Naughton
Keywords: Panama Canal, Socratic Seminar, yellow fever, Roosevelt, American History, Geography, engineering, Empire

Conservation: The Thermodynamics of Sustainability

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: physics, project based learning, problem solving, problem based learning, heat, maker, mathematics, Math, making, makered, sustainability, Technology, temperature, Thermodynamics, ap physics, advanced placement, climate, engineering, energy, design

LEED, Leadership in engineering and Environmental Design. Helping Student to Understand Energy and the Light Pollution

Mark Marshall
Keywords: power, LEED, Technology, engineering, environmental design, electricity


“Hack A Banana”: The Playful Side of Engineering — Using Cool Tools to Teach and Help Others

Dale Apple
Keywords: programming, circuits, engineering, coding, electronics

Engineering Physics: Modding and Making

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: physics, project based learning, problem solving, problem based learning, mathematics, Math, maker, making, makerspace, makered, tools, robotics, robot, Science, ap, ap physics, Arduino, advanced placement physics, building, CAD, advanced placement, 3d, 3d carving, 3d printing, engineering, fabrication, construction, design, design thinking

The Chemistry of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits

Cristobal Carambo
Keywords: Physical Science, physics, physics vocabulary, Science, chemis, Chemistry, engineering, electric circuits, electricity, Electrochemistry, electronics


Genetic Engineering

Richard Staniec
Keywords: biological sciences, Biology, engineering, genetics


Alternative Energy Resources Unit On Wind Energy

John DiFiore
Keywords: physics, non-renewable energy, renewable energy, engineering