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Lead & Health

Seminar Leader:
Marilyn Howarth


Lead has been in the news nationally and in Philadelphia. Flint, Michigan with its lead contaminated drinking water supply is just one example of lead exposure but here in Philadelphia we have many others. Where did it all come from? Why is it still around? How are we exposed in our daily lives? What are the health impacts particularly on young children? This seminar examined the real life conditions in Philadelphia and provided insight into the science of lead and its health ef-fects on residents. We examined pathways of exposure through ingestion, inhalation and through skin. We discussed lead policy at the federal, state and local level that impacts lead exposure. Health impacts of lead can vary based on the extent and timing of exposure, but some of the impacts can affect learning and behavior in the classroom. Participants in this seminar learned about other resources at Penn that help to support classroom activities such as soil sampling for lead.

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Understanding the Importance of the Fourth Estate through the Lead Public Health Crisis

Alexander de Arana
Keywords: Government, Health, lead

Lead and Health

Charlene A. Fenster
Keywords: dental assistants, Health, lead, paint

Keeping the Lead Out: Healthy Hydration at Home and at School

Cristobal Carambo
Keywords: Chemistry, child development, environment, Health, health policies, lead, neurotoxin

Interpreting Data

Nicole Gasser
Keywords: environment, Flint, Health, lead, math literacy, Michigan, Philadelphia Region

Lead: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

Stephanie M Robinson
Keywords: child development, Health, lead, lead paint, lead poisoning, paint

Living With Lead: Lessons for Environmental Justice and Citizenship

Ryann Rouse
Keywords: analyzing informational texts, central theme, environmental citizenship, environmental justice, Flint, interpreting facts, lead, lead legislation, lead paint, lead poisoning, lead regulation, Philadelphia, research project, toxicity, toxins, water crisis

Lead Bioaccumulation

Chris Sikich
Keywords: bioaccumulation, environment, environmental justice, Health, health issues, lead, lead chemistry

Lead Affects Our Lives and Our Learning

Charlette Walker
Keywords: activism, Health, lead, research based, writing assignments

Concentrating on Solutions to Soil Lead Contamination at Home

Eual A. Phillips, Jr.
Keywords: environment, ESD, Health, lead, lead contamination, lead poisoning, soil contamination