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How Can We Expect Them to Stand Up in a Crooked Room?

Author: Regina Hastings


Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Service Center School

Year: 2020

Seminar: Cinema and Civil Rights

Grade Level: 7

Keywords: cinema, communications, film, Media, Pop culture, Reading, Sociology, writing

School Subject(s): Social Studies, Sociology

This unit makes use of readings, docudramas and movies to engage students in close reading, analytical thinking and writing. District and State standards concerning critical reading and writing are covered in this unit. Using ideas about Michelle Obama and her autobiography, “Becoming”, we examine the obstacles through which young girls of color go through in order to flourish in the world. We apply a theory of the “crooked room” to “The Hate U Give” and “Hidden Figures”. Journal entries, discussions and a choice board\ are used to assess student work.

Download Unit: Hastings-R.pdf

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