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Humans and the Environment: How Water Pollution and Littering Affect Health

Chelsea Maher
Keywords: Health, engineering, environment, pollution, littering, urban, water, world, waterways

Freshwater In Our World: Philadelphia’s Freshwater Supply and the Role We Each Play in its Future

Phyllis Hurwitz
Keywords: distribution of water, philadelphia middle school science, hydrologic cycle, impermeable sources, climate change, water, urban watershed, water pollution

The Museum of Gold

Kristin Nakaishi
Keywords: gold, geology, Sociology, economics, minerals

Telling Stories and Making Connections Through Clay

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: pottery, Indigenous Pottery, clay, Art, Pueblo, storytelling


How Can We Expect Them to Stand Up in a Crooked Room?

Regina Hastings
Keywords: Sociology, film, communications, Reading, Media, Pop culture, writing, cinema


Be the Hero of Your Journey

Terry Anne Wildman
Keywords: Creative Writing, Literature, History


Using Elder Stories to Understand the Continuity of History

Meagan C. McGowan
Keywords: folk lore, folk lorists, local resources, make history relevant, Reading, broader historical narratives, stories of elders

The African, Caribbean and African American Cultural Connection

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: shared awareness, cultural expression, Food, shared African background, Music, pride, interlinked groups, language, connect to Africa, dance, aesthetic values, African, Black Atlantic, African American

Hip Hop Notions

Audrey J. Jackson
Keywords: youth culture, hip-hop, hip hop life style, rap music, expressive performance, fashion, rhyming, Jamaica, Jean-Michel Basquiat, listening, Keith Haring, Kingston, visual graffiti, Visual Art, writing, Bronx, break dancing, speaking, African American painters


Elizabeth Catlett, Charles White and the Taller de Grafica Popular of Mexico

Audrey J. Jackson
Keywords: social awareness, Mexico, printmaking, Art, artists, African American art