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Lead Town Hall

Freda/Frankie Anderson
Keywords: STEM, social studies, activism, Health, environment


Engineering Confidence, Focus, and Geometry Through Paper Folding

Katherine Breitbart
Keywords: Science, origami, paper folding, STEM, STEAM, skills development, social-emotional learning, spatial reasoning, attention, asian art and culture, Art, Math, learning strategies, engineering, geometry, focus, first grade

Origami Engineering and Product Design

Elizabeth Szablya
Keywords: Yoshizawa randlett, Science, origami, prototype, PHiZZ, Physical Science, presentation, project based instruction, project-based, STEM, student lead, tessilation, Yoshizawa, STEAM, Science activity, Scientific Method, spatial reasoning, snapology, modular origami, construct, asian art and culture, Art, design, design thinking, kirigami, High School, hands-on, fold, engineering

Paper-fold Physics: Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

Lisa (Yuk Kuen) Yau
Keywords: origami, STEAM, STEM, Science activity, Art, Math, geometry

Humans, Robots & Machines: Simplifying The Lives of Our Community

Kelli Gallagher
Keywords: rube goldberg, Robots, Science, STEM, simple machines, Mechanics, Healthcare, Machines

Prosthetic Robots in Healthcare

Surinder Kaur
Keywords: Robots, STEM, Science, Anatomy, Machines, Healthcare, engineering

Robots In Autistic Support Education and Beyond: Implications and Applications For 21st Century Students In Middle and Secondary Autistic Support Services Programs

Cheryl Padgett
Keywords: Robots, STEM, STEM Education for Students With Autism, Science


Teaching Math Using Electronics

Cara Wallin
Keywords: Robots, STEM, Conversions, circuits, Algebraic Equations


Introduction to Coding: Computer Programming and Robotics

Ambra Hook
Keywords: robotics, NXT, programming sprites, STEM, Scratch, Mindstorm, coding, Lego, gaming