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Exploring Our City Through Images, Poetry, and Music

Katherine Volin
Keywords: class, gender, Music, poetry, race

Roblox and the City: Exploring Race, Class, and Gender Through Digital Gaming

Robert Rivera-Amezola
Keywords: cities, class, digital citizens, digital games, digital literacy, elementary, gender, race, Technology

Using Poetry to Confront Neighborhood Representation and Gentrification

Sally O’Brien
Keywords: class, gender, gentrification, High School, intersectionality, landscape literacy, media analysis, metaphor, place-based learning, poetry, race


Dabbling in the Dark: The Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of the Black Speculative Aesthetic

Ryann M. Rouse
Keywords: Afrofuturism, Black Speculative Art, English Language Arts, fantasy, race, science fiction


Race and Politics of Redistricting Who Will Win?

Vicki Baker
Keywords: African American History, America, civics, Politics, race

The African-American Graphic Novel: Discovering, Examining and Creating Graphic Narratives of Racialized Experience

Tara Ann Carter
Keywords: civil rights, graphic novel, race


Bob Kaufman: Life According to the Beat

Lisa Kelly
Keywords: Beats, Bob Kaufman, consumerism, discussions, literacy, literary movement, power, race, silencing in America

Philadelphia 1793: Yellow Fever, Race, Medicine and Politics

Mona Kolsky
Keywords: History, Medicine, Philadelphia, race, yellow fever


The Latest Refugees: A New Wave from Africa

Cheryl L. Fox
Keywords: Africa, Afro-American, civil unrest, economic migrants, economics, nationality, political opinion, political unrest, race, refugee, religion