African American History as told through African American Music

Author: Sue Christmas


Lewis C. Cassidy Elementary School

Year: 2011

Seminar: Who Are Those People and Why Are They Listening to That Music

Grade Level: 4

Keywords: African American music, American History, Media, Music

School Subject(s): History, Social Studies

This curriculum unit will present lessons to teach African American history through the
medium of African American music for first to fourth grades. It will explore the impact
of African American music as a vehicle of motivation and change throughout the
American legacy, which spans from African roots through today’s Hip-Hop music and
culture. There are nine lessons in this curriculum with a wide range of media and
activities from which to choose. These lessons will fulfill Pennsylvania State Standards
in all four disciplines: literacy, math, science and social studies. The objective of this
curriculum is that students will be able to identify various genres of African and African
American music and the mutual impact with American history.

Download Unit: 11.05.02-1.pdf

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