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The Evolving Universe

Seminar Leader:
Masao Sako


Our Universe is a surprisingly dynamic place. In this seminar, we will explore the motion and evolution of structures in our Universe, and what we can learn from observing the night sky. We will study the motion of the Earth, asteroids, comets, and other planets in our solar system, how they are formed, the life and death of stars, and the history of the Universe. Somewhat advanced topics, such as dark matter and dark energy, which determine how our Universe expands, will also be explored.
The seminar is appropriate for physics and other science teachers of all levels. Some topics, including the production of the elements and the evolution of stars, are also appropriate for high-school chemistry and earth science teachers. Teachers of math may also find material useful to demonstrate key competencies in measurements or scale.

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Planetary Motion From the Ground Up

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: physics, Physical Science, mathematics, Inquiry, Kepler, Math, orbit, Newton, observation, Science, simulation, solar system, astronomy, argument, ap physics, advanced placement physics, advanced placement, geometry, Galileo, geocentric, gravity, heliocentric, High School

Your Galactic Address: Space, Place, and Perspective

Amanda Amanullah
Keywords: physics, perspective, point of view, Proportion, Ratio, Reading, scale, Math, universe, writing, Space Science, Science, space, social studies, solar system, astronomy, Geography, fractions, geometry, elementary, English

Your Slice of the Sky – Elliptical Motion in the Sky

Vicki Baker
Keywords: parabola, Conic Sections, algebra, ellipse

Cosmic Chemistry with Radioactive Wrinkles

Maya Bhagat
Keywords: Nucleosynthesis, Chemical Cosmology

Nuclear Fusion in the Cosmos and the Chemistry Curriculum

Alex Leed
Keywords: Physical Science, stellar evolution, Chemistry, High School, astronomy, Fusion

Determining the Motion of Galaxies Using Doppler Redshift

Caitlin M. Matyas
Keywords: Physical Science, physics, Inquiry, redshift, Science, simulation, Hubble expansion, High School, astronomy, Doppler effect, discussion

The Born Identity of Atoms

Eual A. Phillips
Keywords: physics, Physical Science, protons, radioactivity, reactions, Medicine, modelling, neutrons, nuclear, nuclides, High School, stellar nucleosynthesis, stars, universe, Science, Chemistry, atoms, algebra, fusion linear equations, graphing, fission

Dark Matter and Dark Conflict in Poetry: A Comparison

Kathleen Radebaugh
Keywords: writing portfolio, poetry, universe, William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Dark energy, dark matter