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This unit on Weathering was developed and intended to be taught in a fourth or fifth grade elementary classroom. It includes many hands-on activities to encourage active participation in the lessons. The goal of the unit plan was to introduce weathering and erosion to students and have them complete activities to help them und gain a deeper understanding of the types of weathering and erosion that change our environment.
Weathering and erosion have a major impact on the world in which we live. As I completed my research, my goal was to create engaging lessons that students could understand. In addition to several experiments, I also included worksheets that involved sorting, comparing, and other skills. My intention was to create lessons that would meet the needs of individual learners.
Weathering and erosion are broad topics so the unit was designed to provide a one-day overview on each topic and then spend several days learning about the specific types of weathering and erosion. At the end of specific lessons, students will demonstrate their understanding by completing various worksheets in the appendix.

Kimberly Sweeney
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