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Philadelphia 1793: Yellow Fever, Race, Medicine and Politics

Mona Kolsky
Keywords: History, Medicine, Philadelphia, race, yellow fever


Germantown PA: Researching the Great Road Welcome Mat

Barbara McDowell Dowdall
Keywords: 9th grade, African, Daniel Pastorious, Dutch trading company, English 1, Germantown, Irish, Italian, Philadelphia

Give and Take from the Great Demographic Fact: A Vagarious Look At Commercial Influence over Cultural Exchange in 20th- and 21st-century Philadelphia

Chadd S. Johnson
Keywords: clothing trade in Africa, commerce, commercial influence, cultural imperialism, data analysis, History, migration, personal narrative, Philadelphia, worker migration

The Immigrant Journey to Philadelphia

Jonathan Williams
Keywords: American History, cultural opposition, Europe to Philadelphia, Golden Door, immigrant experience in Philadelphia, immigrants, immigrants journey, Lazaretto, social studies

The Peopling of Philadelphia: 19th Century Immigration

Mona Kolsky
Keywords: 19th Century Immigration, advertisements, Graphs, industrial city, Lazaretto Quarantine Station, national trends, Philadelphia, photographs, political cartoons, ship manifests, stereotyping

Bound Labor in Philadelphia

Sandy O’Keefe
Keywords: apprentice, apprenticeships, bound labor, Colonial Philadelphia, immigrants, indentured servants, Philadelphia, redemptioners, servitude, workforce

Sew Me a Story: African and African American “Quilt Lore”

Kelly Graham
Keywords: African American History, American History, elementary school, human experience, quilt, Quilt Lore, quilting, stories and designs, storytelling

Using Elder Stories to Understand the Continuity of History

Meagan C. McGowan
Keywords: broader historical narratives, folk lore, folk lorists, local resources, make history relevant, Reading, stories of elders

The African, Caribbean and African American Cultural Connection

Keysiah M. Middleton
Keywords: aesthetic values, African, African American, Black Atlantic, connect to Africa, cultural expression, dance, Food, interlinked groups, language, Music, pride, shared African background, shared awareness

Philadelphia Stories: African Transitions from West Africa to Philadelphia as a Means to Study Oral Histories

Stephanie R. Wicks
Keywords: African American History, African immigrants in Philadelphia, English, ethnography, historical research, historiography, learn content through oral history, learning history, love of history, love of learning, oral history project, story time, storytelling

Hip Hop Notions

Audrey J. Jackson
Keywords: African American painters, break dancing, Bronx, expressive performance, fashion, hip hop life style, hip-hop, Jamaica, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Kingston, listening, rap music, rhyming, speaking, Visual Art, visual graffiti, writing, youth culture

Science, Science Fiction and American History

Myrtle Bastien
Keywords: Civil War, fiction, History, invention, ironclad ships, Monitor and Merrimac, naval warfare, science fiction, secret weapon, submarine

Possible Worlds (II)

Kate Reber
Keywords: American History, Bloodchild, Brave New World, Humanities, interdisciplinary, Math, possible world, Science, Technology, world history

Science Fiction of the Fifties: Reflections of Cold War Themes

Steven Shust
Keywords: American History, Cold War, cold war culture, cold war politics, cold war technology, conformity, control, destruction through the lens of science fiction, fear, films, History, novels, science fiction, themes of alientation


Why Are There Abandoned Factories in My Neighborhood?

Tim Woods
Keywords: History, Industrial history, Philadelphia, William Penn

The Life and Work of Dox Thrash: An Expression of Identity

Pamela Toller
Keywords: African American art, African American History, Art, cultural climate, Culture, Dox Thrash, History, political climate, social climate

Jim Crow and Apartheid: Walking hand in hand to the Promised Land

Stacia D. Parker
Keywords: African American History, America, Apartheid, Harlem Renaissance, political literature, South Africa, think globally


The Black Press and the Philadelphia Tribune

Florence B. Oliver
Keywords: Democratic Society, Media, Philadelphia Tribune, Press, society