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The Ringing of Bells: Joyful Sounds of Poetry

Author: Lynn Gourinski Fahr


Overbrook High School

Year: 2013

Seminar: Modern and Contemporary American Poetry

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: American Literature, listeining skills, poetry, writing skills

School Subject(s): English, Literature, Poetry

“The Ringing of Bells: Joyful Sound of Poetry” is a unit written to entertain high school students and teach them the fun sounds found in poetry. There is so much confusion about poetry: should it be stale and boring or can it be flavored with some joyful sounds to coat the palate of our minds. This unit invites the use of listening skills, writing skills, and mirroring activities to catch a young person’s interest. The result will be a new way to see and approach poetry with each new reading. The ultimate outcome is planting a new seed of love of poetry and of what each student can grow in his or her own heart and mind.

Download Unit: Fahr-Lynn-unit.pdf

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