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Makerspaces: Where Precision and Play Intersect

Katherine Steiner
Keywords: collaboration, creative, creativity, High School, lessons, makerspace, play, problem solving, robot, soft robots, visual arts


Redefining the Teaching & Learning of Mathematics

Tracy Saltz
Keywords: active learning, Equity, Math Education, mathematical practices, problem solving, productive struggle


Building Numeracy and Dismantling Math-Phobia Through Problem-Solving

Bridget Mason
Keywords: abstract reasoning, algebra, Algebra 1, Analyzing arguments, Critical thinking, habits of mind, Making connections, Math, modeling, pattern recognition, problem solving, quantitative reasoning, Questioning

Robotics: Solving Problems One Design At A Time

Tia D. Larese
Keywords: 3-d printing, 3.4.3.D1, 3.4.3.E1, animaloids, blended learning, collaboration, creativity 3.4.3.C1, design process, engineering, humanoids, ideation, makeology, onshape, persuasive writing, problem solving, recycled robots, robotics, Scratch, Technology


Conservation: The Thermodynamics of Sustainability

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: advanced placement, ap physics, climate, design, energy, engineering, heat, maker, makered, making, Math, mathematics, physics, problem based learning, problem solving, project based learning, sustainability, Technology, temperature, Thermodynamics

“Mystery and Detective Literature Activities” “That’s Elementary, My Dear Watson”

Karen J. Burrell
Keywords: literacy, literature activities, literature genres, problem solving


Engineering Physics: Modding and Making

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: 3d, 3d carving, 3d printing, advanced placement, advanced placement physics, ap, ap physics, Arduino, building, CAD, construction, design, design thinking, engineering, fabrication, maker, makered, makerspace, making, Math, mathematics, physics, problem based learning, problem solving, project based learning, robot, robotics, Science, tools


Biological Applications of Statistical Analysis

Stuart Surrey
Keywords: Biology, probability, problem solving, Statistics


Cultivate Your Creativity By Thinking Outside Of The Box

Carmen Kissoon-Ragoonanan
Keywords: brain teasers, mathematics, problem solving

Patterns Here, Patterns There, Patterns Popping Everywhere!

Tamar Magdovitz
Keywords: patterns, problem solving

Functional Gardens

Rudolph Reid
Keywords: algebra, equations, Graphs, order of operations, problem solving

The Easy Way to Calculate: The Art and Craft of Problem Solving

Krishan L. Wadhwa
Keywords: diagrams, mathematics, problem solving


Kids Love Stories

Nan Richmond
Keywords: attitudes towards young and old people, celebrations, community culture, evaluate, folktales, games, heroes, interactional routines, language arts, language of origin, local settings, problem solving, relating to life, retelling, social studies, Technology, values