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Mathematics Through the Eyes of Physics

Author: Anne Cherian


Overbrook High School

Year: 2007

Seminar: Physics in the Arts

Grade Level: 9-12

Keywords: 11th grade, acceleration, displacement, distance, Kinematics, linear equations, Math, motion, motion of objects, physics, quadratic equations, speed, time, velocity

School Subject(s): Math, Physics, Science

I am a Mathematics teacher at Overbrook High School. I currently teach 11th graders, but my roster varies to include 9th and 10th graders. This unit on motion is designed for 11th graders, but could be used for 9th and 10th graders who have a sufficient background. It enriches the School District of Philadelphia’s core curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to apply the concepts they learn in the mathematics and appreciate the relevance and importance of mathematics in physics.

The purpose of this unit is to introduce students to the study of kinematics. It helps increase their awareness and familiarizes them with the laws and equations that govern the motion of objects. They will gain a clear insight on linear and quadratic equations that is part of the math curriculum. The unit is designed to enable students develop a strong understanding of basic mathematical concepts such as slope and area under the curve. In addition, they will be able to comprehend the relationships of these concepts to physical quantities such as speed, distance/displacement, time, velocity, and acceleration.

Students will learn to use graphs and equations to express the relationship between physical quantities. Students will learn the importance of reading, interpreting and analyzing graphs using the graphing calculator- TI 83. The use of the graphing calculator in tandem with the motion detector helps reinforce and gain deeper understanding of the subject. Moreover, the use of technology makes learning math more interesting, less abstract and motivates them to delve deeper to make discoveries for themselves. Students will be exposed to a wide range of problems which applies the laws of physics.

Download Unit: 07.06.08-1.pdf

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