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Alternative Energy Systems: What is New Under the Sun?

Seminar Leader:
Jorge Santiago-Aviles


A seminar led by Jorge Santiago-Aviles, Associate Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering

This seminar examines the most important features of alternate energy, possible uses of existing energy sources and renewable energy possibilities. A broad gamma of energy transformations concepts based on elementary thermodynamics will be introduced, to guide the student in the selection of the best possible answer to power generation, given a multiplicity of constraints.

Problem based learning techniques focused on science and technology concepts will be used throughout the semester. Small teachers’ teams will deal with realistic problems in the context of scaling, from isolated users, through villages and cities to countries, and will learn how to apply these concepts to find near optimal solutions to efficient energy utilization, and ways to discuss these concepts with their students.

Teachers of science from all grade levels can draw materials and ideas from this topic.

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