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Finding Your Voice… then Shouting!

Nicole Flores
Keywords: Novel, social justice, poetry, Research, 5th Grade ELA, activism, comprehension

Living a Values Driven Life

Regina Hastings
Keywords: Movie Analysis, Novel Analysis, Self Improvement, social justice, ELA, vocabulary, values

Asian Americans in Media: Representation & Identity

Tia Larese
Keywords: Digital Learning, diversity, elementary, ELL, English language learners, Immigrant, Intercultural Classroom, Misrepresentation, Representation, social justice


Dance for Social Justice

Dr. Joy Lurie Friedlander
Keywords: perspective, Holistic Teaching, Inclusion, Inclusive Pedagogy, social justice, Somatics, Equity, Artistry, Embodied Activism, diversity, Body Mind, Choreography, collaboration, democracy, dance

A Voice of My Own: Defining Epistemic Injustice in The House on Mango Street

Keeler Park
Keywords: writing project, literacy, The House on Mango Street, ethnicity, gender, igno-rance, immigrant experience, injustice, knowledge, lan-guage arts, social class, social justice, philosophy, women empowerment, book study, collaborative reading, Culture, Creative Writing, society

Wicked Problems, Place, and Liberation

Charlie McGeehan
Keywords: Kensington, Philadelphia, social justice, cities, Wicked Problem


Empathetic Community Philosophy

Jaimie Piotrowicz
Keywords: Making connections, Personal Identity, ethics, social justice, philosophy, Questioning, Analyzing arguments, ELA activity, Critical thinking

Teaching Morals Through the Lenses of Social Media

Stephanie Robinson
Keywords: Making connections, Morality, Personal Identity, ethics, social justice, philosophy, Political thought, Questioning, Analyzing arguments, ELA activity, Critical thinking

Agency Through Inquiry: A Quest for Social Justice

Ryann Rouse
Keywords: structural violence, geomedicine, High School, social justice, scientific justice, philosophy, ethics, ecofeminism, ELA, English Language Arts

Reading Philosophy in The Hate U Give

Amanda Schear
Keywords: Making connections, Personal Identity, social justice, philosophy, Questioning, ELA activity, Critical thinking

“Who Am I? An Exploration of Personal Identity Through Philosophy and Literature”

Jessica Waber
Keywords: Morality, Making connections, Personal Identity, social justice, philosophy, Questioning, Critical thinking

Critical Thinkers Are World Changers

Charlette Walker
Keywords: Morality, Personal Identity, ethics, social justice, philosophical chairs, philosophy, ethical responsibility, Analyzing arguments, ELA activity, empowerment, character development, Critical thinking


From Civil Rights to #BlackLivesMatter: The Music Is the Movement

Amanda Schear
Keywords: Music, literacy, Informational text, Social change, social justice, Protest movements, Protest music, African American History, African American literature, Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights Movement, Compare and contrast


Sisters in the Shadows: Black Women During the Black Arts Movement

Kristian Ali
Keywords: movement, feminism, gender awareness, High School, language arts, social justice, self-awareness, revolution, English, black arts movement, black women


Paul Robeson, African-American Artist, and the McCarthy Era

Carole Chernecky
Keywords: Paul Robeson, Identity, social justice, social studies, African American, American Literature, Art, artist, Elgnish, Drama

What Matters the Most through Reading and Writing

Christine Lokey
Keywords: Literature, inspire to act, integrating, social justice, racial justice, Reading, scaffolding, writing instruction, writing, direct reading