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Living a Values Driven Life

Regina Hastings
Keywords: Movie Analysis, Novel Analysis, social justice, values, vocabulary, Self Improvement, ELA

Asian Americans in Media: Representation & Identity

Tia Larese
Keywords: Misrepresentation, Immigrant, Intercultural Classroom, social justice, Representation, elementary, ELL, English language learners, Digital Learning, diversity

Finding Your Voice… then Shouting!

Nicole Flores
Keywords: Novel, social justice, poetry, Research, activism, 5th Grade ELA, comprehension


Dance for Social Justice

Dr. Joy Lurie Friedlander
Keywords: perspective, Holistic Teaching, Inclusion, Inclusive Pedagogy, social justice, Somatics, Artistry, Body Mind, Choreography, Embodied Activism, Equity, dance, collaboration, democracy, diversity

A Voice of My Own: Defining Epistemic Injustice in The House on Mango Street

Keeler Park
Keywords: writing project, philosophy, injustice, gender, igno-rance, immigrant experience, knowledge, lan-guage arts, literacy, society, The House on Mango Street, women empowerment, social justice, social class, ethnicity, book study, collaborative reading, Creative Writing, Culture

Wicked Problems, Place, and Liberation

Charlie McGeehan
Keywords: Philadelphia, Kensington, social justice, Wicked Problem, cities


Empathetic Community Philosophy

Jaimie Piotrowicz
Keywords: Personal Identity, philosophy, Making connections, Questioning, social justice, Analyzing arguments, ethics, ELA activity, Critical thinking

Teaching Morals Through the Lenses of Social Media

Stephanie Robinson
Keywords: Morality, Personal Identity, philosophy, Making connections, Political thought, Questioning, social justice, Analyzing arguments, ethics, ELA activity, Critical thinking

Agency Through Inquiry: A Quest for Social Justice

Ryann Rouse
Keywords: philosophy, geomedicine, High School, structural violence, scientific justice, social justice, ethics, English Language Arts, ELA, ecofeminism

Reading Philosophy in The Hate U Give

Amanda Schear
Keywords: Personal Identity, Making connections, philosophy, Questioning, social justice, ELA activity, Critical thinking

“Who Am I? An Exploration of Personal Identity Through Philosophy and Literature”

Jessica Waber
Keywords: Morality, Personal Identity, philosophy, Making connections, Questioning, social justice, Critical thinking

Critical Thinkers Are World Changers

Charlette Walker
Keywords: Morality, Personal Identity, philosophical chairs, philosophy, ethics, social justice, Analyzing arguments, character development, ELA activity, empowerment, ethical responsibility, Critical thinking


From Civil Rights to #BlackLivesMatter: The Music Is the Movement

Amanda Schear
Keywords: Music, Informational text, literacy, Protest movements, Protest music, Social change, social justice, African American History, African American literature, Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights Movement, Compare and contrast


Sisters in the Shadows: Black Women During the Black Arts Movement

Kristian Ali
Keywords: movement, feminism, High School, language arts, revolution, self-awareness, social justice, gender awareness, black arts movement, black women, English


Paul Robeson, African-American Artist, and the McCarthy Era

Carole Chernecky
Keywords: Paul Robeson, Identity, social studies, social justice, African American, American Literature, Art, artist, Elgnish, Drama

What Matters the Most through Reading and Writing

Christine Lokey
Keywords: inspire to act, integrating, Literature, writing, writing instruction, social justice, racial justice, Reading, scaffolding, direct reading

Connecting with our Community: Public Art, Monuments, and Social Justice

Alison Marzuoli
Keywords: Monuments, social justice, Public Art, Abstract Sculpture