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Conquering Space: A Voyage to Understanding

Catherine Michini
Keywords: NCTM, Math, PSAT, algeba, geometry


Natural Resources are Natural Wonders

Valerie A. Adams
Keywords: origami, literacy, Math, Art, asian art and culture, geometry

Engineering Confidence, Focus, and Geometry Through Paper Folding

Katherine Breitbart
Keywords: origami, paper folding, Math, social-emotional learning, spatial reasoning, STEAM, STEM, skills development, Science, learning strategies, Art, asian art and culture, geometry, engineering, attention, first grade, focus

Phila-Gami: Philadelphia Themed Folding in the Math Classroom

Catherine Michini
Keywords: origami, Math, Mobile, Philadelphia, STEAM, Pi Day, pop-up card, Alexander Calder, Art, geometry, fold-and-cut

German Style Paper Folding and the Moravian Tradition

Patricia Rich
Keywords: Moravian College, Moravian Star, Moravian, Moravian Archives, modular stars, love feast, Sütterlin, polyhedral Stars, pop-up, project-based, archives, geometry, German Bells, German script, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Froebel, cross-curricular, colonial Pennsylvania, Fröbel, Bethlehem, diaspora

Using Origami to Practice Mindfulness and Create a Growth Mindset

Cara Wallin
Keywords: origami, Math, Mindfulness, spatial reasoning, geometry, Growth Mindset

Engaging Elementary Students in Geometry through Origami

Terry Anne Wildman
Keywords: origami, Math, geometry

Paper-fold Physics: Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

Lisa (Yuk Kuen) Yau
Keywords: origami, Math, STEAM, STEM, Science activity, Art, geometry


Planetary Motion From the Ground Up

Klint Kanopka
Keywords: Newton, observation, orbit, Physical Science, Math, mathematics, physics, Kepler, solar system, simulation, Science, advanced placement, advanced placement physics, ap physics, argument, Inquiry, astronomy, geometry, Galileo, gravity, heliocentric, High School, geocentric

Your Galactic Address: Space, Place, and Perspective

Amanda Amanullah
Keywords: writing, perspective, Math, social studies, solar system, space, Space Science, universe, physics, Ratio, point of view, Proportion, Reading, scale, Science, Geography, geometry, elementary, English, astronomy, fractions


The Importance of Surface to Volume Ratio (SVR) in Everyday Life.

Krishan L. Wadhwa
Keywords: physics, geometry