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Building an Environmentally Equitable Community One School at Time

Tia Graves
Keywords: Mitigation, green stormwater infrastructure, Climate Justice/Racism, environmental justice, Environmental Racism, Equity, Urban Heat Island Adaptation, Sea Level Rise, resilience

Environmental Justice in Philadelphia

Deborah Wei
Keywords: community organizing, environmental justice, Environmental Racism, stakeholders, Philadelphia refineries, power analysis, racism

A Class Act

Margo A. Pinckney
Keywords: race relations, data collection

Music History from Philadelphia and the Emotional Being and Effect of Music on the Brain

Michelle Jackson
Keywords: local history, local artists, Music History, Music, Emotional Being, public schools, Philadelphia, brain

World History or White History?: Deconstructing Race in the World History Classroom

Keeler Park
Keywords: map reading, Equity, History, Geography, discussion, Sociology, world history, society, power, race, primary source, social studies, Slavery, document-based questions, DBQ, annotation, analysis, criticality, Critical Race Theory


Where Does Our Water Come From?

David White
Keywords: Watershed, water, water cycle, water filtration, water pollution

Changing Technology for a Changing Climate: Knowledge is not always power, but power is rarely ignorant

Chloe Glynn
Keywords: green technology, greenhouse gases, hands-on experiments, geopolitics, climate change, critical minerals, fossil fuels, social media, power, renewable energy, environment

Sustainable? Systemic Dis-illusions?

Maya Bhagat
Keywords: critical metals, systems, sustainability, rare earth metals


I Am Malala: Mindfulness and Community Service

Cara Wallin
Keywords: I am Malala, fundraising, community service, Culture, Personal Growth


Whispering Rivers: Whatever Happened to the Indians of Pennsylvania?

Pat Mitchell-Keita-Doe
Keywords: Historical Context, History, Native American, Native American History, Native American issues, Native Americans, American History, Pennsylvania History, political unrest, Political Activism, Political thought