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Our Earth, A Fragile Home

Seminar Leader:
Reto Gieré


We live on a fragile planet, whose surface is in constant change. Modern science not only investigates the geologic and environmental history of our Earth but also uses current knowledge to predict the future. In this course, we will be discussing fundamental Earth processes and learn how they interact with each other and with life. We will also explore some of the consequences of human activity on our planet and discuss possible solutions to environmental issues of great global concern. Topics presented will include plate tectonics, volcanism and earthquakes, the rock cycle, oceans and ocean currents, weather and climate, climate change and its effects, natural resources and associated environmental impacts, air pollution and health, and the use of waste as a resource.
The seminar will consist of presentations, movies, and discussions, and will help you in understanding how Earth is in constant change and how these processes affect our daily lives. Teachers of physical science, and many grade levels should find this seminar fascinating and useful to their curriculum.

Unit TitleAuthor


The Chemistry of Rocks in the Wissahickon Valley

Cristobal Carambo

A Cry from the Climate: The Glacier is Talking

Nichole Boyd
Keywords: climate change, Earth Science, Environmental Science, glaciers, global warming, High School

When Batteries Die, Do They Go to Heaven?

Bruce S. Karpe
Keywords: batteries, Chemistry, Electronic Waste, Environmental Science, High School, Physical Science, recycling, Science, sustainability, trash

Kids Can Campaign for Carbon Change and Help Reduce Global Warming

Sharon Karlyn
Keywords: 4th Grade, climate, climate change, Earth Science, elementary, global warming, Science, weather

Is Technology Destroying Earth?

Alena Newpher-Lockard
Keywords: chemical reactions, Chemistry, environment, High School, Science, Technology

Climate Change and My World

Jaimie Piotrowicz
Keywords: atmosphere, carbon dioxide, climate change, emissions, greenhouse gas, Natural resources, pollution, temperature

Earth, Our Fragile Home: Waste, Methane and Climate Change

Cara Wallin
Keywords: climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect, landfills, methane gas

The Influence of Plate Tectonics on Our Ever Changing Earth

Emily McGady-Greenleaf
Keywords: Earth disruptions, Earth Science, Earthquakes, geology