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Asian Americans in U.S. Schools

Seminar Leader:
Kimberly Goyette


Beginning with the larger history of Asian American immi-gration to the U.S., this seminar explored the issues that Asian American students may grapple with in their homes and in their schools. We looked at the incredible growth of the Asian American population in the last ten years and its diversity in terms of countries of origin, socioeconomic background, immigrations circumstances, and religion and culture. The class considered Asian American academic experiences and the explanations proposed for successes and challenges in the U.S. education system. We explored the origins of the “model minority” stereotype and focus on its ramifications for students currently, particularly for Asian American students’ mental health. We also consid-ered supplementary tutoring, competitions and “shadow” education, and debates about whether affirmative action benefits or harms Asian American students in the college admission process.

Unit TitleAuthor


Latin Asians: Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration in Latin America

Alisha Davis
Keywords: Culture, ethnicity, High School, Identity, Latino, panethnicity, project based learning, race, social studies education

Considering Cultural Communities in the Middle School Literacy Classroom

Emma Connolly
Keywords: assimilation, comprehension instruction, Culture, discussion, ethnicity, graphic novels, Identity, Middle School, special education, vocabulary instruction

Asian Americans in Education

Kimberly Sweeney
Keywords: Asian Americans, culturally responsive teaching, immigration, model minority

Moments of Racialization

Megan McNamara
Keywords: “Asian American 1969”, “Asian American UCLA”, “Asian American”, “Muslim American”, “Theory of Knowledge Unit Plan”, “TOK Unit Plan”, History, Jesse Jackson “African American”, LGBT movement, race, Racialization, Stonewall

Asian Americans in Media: Representation & Identity

Tia Larese
Keywords: Digital Learning, diversity, elementary, ELL, English language learners, Immigrant, Intercultural Classroom, Misrepresentation, Representation, social justice

The Immigrant Experience through Literature and History

Sarah Vieldhouse
Keywords: ELA, English, immigration, Literature Circles, Middle School, Research

Cultivating our Cultural Identities

Rebecca Horner
Keywords: bilingualism, butterfly, caterpillar, Culture, EL, ESL, ESOL, ethnicity, family, Food, kindergarten, kinesthetic, parental involvement, parents, phonemic awareness, primary, social capital

Celebrating Asian Culture

Dorothy Martin
Keywords: Asia, Culture, customs, Diwali, holiday, Lunar New Year, New Year