On the Table: An Exploration of Culture, Class, and Stereotypes through Food

Author: Alison R. Marzuoli


The Academy at Palumbo

Year: 2019

Seminar: Learning about America and the World from McDonald’s

Grade Level: 10-12

Keywords: class, Culture, fast food, Food, McDonalds, stereotypes

School Subject(s): Arts

What is culture? Simply defined culture is a set of practices, customs, beliefs, and value system shared by a group of people. We all have culture, sometimes even more than one. The goal of this unit is to use the representation of food in visual art to create a pathway for students of diverse backgrounds to learn about each other in a safe and supportive environment. The activities and projects in this unit are designed for students to examine their own cultural practices. and those of their families, using food as a commonality. Students will share these findings with the class through the creation of works of visual art as their artifacts of learning. My students come from such different backgrounds, I hope this unit will create bridges of understanding and pathways for students to continue to grow and learn about people around them.

Download Unit: Marzuoli-A.-19.03.10.pdf

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