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Linguistic meanings through figurative language in Langston Hughes’s poetry, Faith Ringgold’s quilts/textiles and Romare Bearden’s collages

Author: Kemo Logan


Shaw Middle School

Year: 2006

Seminar: Visual Art and Society

Keywords: African American History, American History, Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes, Romare Bearden

School Subject(s): Arts, Languages

My intentions are to have the seventh grade students reflect and discuss social themes that were prevalent during the Harlem Renaissance period, then compare and contrast them to social themes today. Students will discuss point of view as expressed in Langston Hughes poems and Romare Bearden’s collages as well as principles that contributed to the mood of Bearden’s artistic work. The curriculum seeks to make students aware of the ties between various art forms in the Harlem Renaissance— prose, poetry, visual art.

Download Unit: 06.02.08.pdf

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